A short while ago, I wrote about a rather sad and tragic tale concerning 3 young children who died when they were locked in a trunk of a car and were not found until it was too late. Some days ago, the investigation into the whole matter was released to the public placing the blame for it on EVERYONE involved. The blame was shared amongst those conducting the search AND the parents for this tragic accident.

Wouldn’t you know it the very next fucking day, that asshat who initially blamed the cops for something he and the others who lost the children should have done in the first place has filed a lawsuit against the police, the city of Camden and Toyota. While I believe this action taken by that father is in extremely poor taste and very disrespectful to the death of the children, I was not in the least bit surprised they would attempt such a disgraceful act. Personally, I would absolutely love to see the city’s children welfare department bring him up on child neglect and endangerment charges. But no, the police department and the city is for once being respectful and not jumping on the money bandwagon unlike others…

I would also love to see the owner of that Toyota sued as well because let’s face it, if there is one person to sue over anything, it’s that person. But let’s face it, they might not have the big bucks that the father wants out of this situation. That car was left there to rot without tags or plates and should have been sent to a junk yard. The kids were even in trouble a few days beforehand for playing in that trunk as well! If that car was properly taken care of and removed from the property, guess what? Your kid would still be alive asshat!

At least one of the families has enough of a head on their shoulders to realize money is not going to be the answer to this tragedy.

“David and Iraida Agosto, the parents of Daniel Agosto, have previously said that they do not think a lawsuit would do any good”

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that really was such a tragedy. But it was the fault of the parents more than anything. Why was the car parked there? Why were the kids playing near/in it? Where were the parents? Why didn’t they look in there FIRST?

Fuck you, hellery, it doesn’t take a village, it takes parents.

i heard that the kids were known for playing in the car….they said they found the boys in there a few times before….knowing that, that should have been the very place to look….

Thankfully I have never lost a child. It’s hard to imagine the pain that it would involve.

And if anything ever did happen to my kids I don’t think that I would have the prescense of mind to do ANYTHING…let alone launch a lawsuit again people!!!

Grief does funny things to people, maybe this is his way of coping. I just don’t understand how your children can go missing and you wouldn’t notice for SO LONG…

I know that plenty of parents are less attentive than they should be with their children. I am just not one of them. Doesn’t make me better, makes me different.

I just don’t get how parents can be so side-tracked as to let enough time go by for their kids to get locked in the trunk of an abandoned car and die…and if they’d been in trouble for playing in it before, why didn’t the parents look there in their search?

I guess blaming everyone else is easier than blaming yourself.

At first when they were reporting that the police search teams hadn’t checked the car on the frist go around, I blamed them. But the parents never said anything, sdo how could they have targeted the car!?

I think this whole country is just sue-crazy. It makes me sick.

I don’t think a lawsuit is going to bring back their children.

Sad to say that is so true in our society today… Better to blame someone else for a lack of common sense and responsibility and try to profit from it. 🙁

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