Zippity Doo Dah!

They say when it rains it ours and boy do they mean it… Hehe.

It’s been a pretty cool and busy couple of weeks. Let’s see, the Friday before last I participated in my first Texas Hold’em game over at my ex’s place with my roommate and a bunch of people from her job. It was kind of fun, but to be honest I do not see what the big deal is with the game. Maybe it’s because I’m not too much into gambling, who knows…

Then the week after (last Friday) was spent in good ol’ Philly again with the ex who’s company threw a party on the Spirit of Philadelphia. She works for a pretty cool company that always makes a ton of money a year so they throw these kick ass company parties twice a year. This year, they rented out a tour bus and filled it full of liquor. Then we all travelled to Philly, got on the cruise ship and proceeded to drink and party it up some more. The food on the ship sucked complete ass though so if any of you ever happen to go on that ship, just skip the food. Trust me. Then they opened up the dance floor to everyone, but no one felt like dancing. Instead almost everyone went to the top of the ship to enjoy the views of the 3 hour long cruise trip.

Anyway, the rest of the days have been pretty much filled with long work hours and short sleep filled nights. Work is actually getting pretty cool with all of the new toys I’m bringing in but luckily, my boss is off next week so things will significantly be calmer during that time.

Also, for some odd reason, I’ve been getting tons of friends request from rock bands and jazz bands on MySpace so I turned on the privacy filter and it’s been working WONDERS! So, if you happen to have a MySpace account, just make sure you use my e-mail address if you want to add my to your friend list. It’s a pretty nifty feature if you also get a lot of “friends add” spam on your MySpace account.

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I love parties like that! The less you can remeber – the better it must hav e been!

I have yet to try Myspace. I think I am too loyal to LiveJournal. Silly, I know.

I want to try it…what is your view on Myspace?

Ahh yeah a few friends of mine had problems too so I turned off the priravte settings. Everything shoudl work fine now. =)

Hehe… Oh yeah. I talked to one of my friends about the night and apparently it was a ton if fun all around!

Well, I actually do not use the blogging tool there, I’m loyal to Lj with that respect. I use it to keep track of other blogs as well of friends and pictures and stuff. It’s pretty cool to be honest, but it’s not a replacement for LJ. Just another place to make new friends and all.

Ooooh, buy me a dance, too! 😉 j/k!!
Sounds like fun!
And it’s not cheap stripper perfume, it’s expensive body spray! (although the cheap girls wear that cheap shit!) Nothing but Victoria’s Secret, for me! 😉 I love their shit!

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