How to piss off a network administrator in one easy step

This post may be a bit techie for some of y’all. For those not interested, I’m good though very very busy. Been getting pretty much a few hours of sleep a night and working the rest. So is life at the moment. Next week should be *much* better especially since I have Monday off as a thanks from my boss. Now for those interested in tech talk:

So this past week and a bit I’ve been ultra busy with work installing new servers and getting our Disaster Recovery plan underway when a few days ago I needed to decommission a tombstoned domain controller. So, today was the day I am finally removing it from the Active Directory and it’s being a fucking little pussy assed bitch. It’s not coming out of AD easily and I was going over it with a couple of consultants we do business with and all seems cool. With the exception of this new guy they hired who was brought in to help. He seems like a cool guy but ALL HE DOES is link Microsoft kb articles and that just fucking infuriates me! I’m actually referencing a kb article in an e-mail to him with a part I’m stuck on and he replies back with a duplicate of that exact kb article on another site! Look dude, I know to go to Microsoft’s kb site first for my answers… Just linking these articles to me just makes me feel like you think I’m a complete tard and can’t find this shit out for myself. If you don’t have an actual answer from your past experience, then just say “I don’t know.” I can accept that without a problem… I’m about to call up his boss and tell him that I do not want to work with this guy again… Grrr.

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I was beginning to worry if you had deserted us here on LJ…

Oh nah, I would not like to do that! Just life kicking me in the old booty and not letting me get any sleep… Hehe.

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