Ok, am I the only one who thinks the man (while creepy) did not deserve to get arrested and charged with a felony?

Wi-Fi cloaks a new breed of intruder

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While I can understand many people would think he is “stealing” the wireless connection, he is most certainly not. The UNSECURED and WIDE OPEN wireless connection broadcasts itself to everyone out there with a wi-fi card. That’s just like you watching broadcast TV or listening to the radio… Is that illegal? The signal is out there ripe for the picking, so it’s not stealing. NOW, if the dumbass had actually secured his wireless and changed the default password and turned on the MAC filtering and then got hacked in to (which with WEP is still a 3-5 minute job that any 3 year old can do), then I can agree with the network trespassing charge. The war driver would have had to take the time to break into a protected area much like stealing the cable from your neighbor.

And this line “It’s no different if I went out and bought a Microsoft program and started sharing it with everyone in my apartment. It’s theft.” is the most ridiculous BS line I have ever heard a person in IT make. She deserves to be slapped with the wireless box upside the head until I see fit… If you buy a M$ program and share it out, the people using it will not get fined or arrested, you will for SHARING it out. How does that have any relevance to this particular case? By that logic, the wireless owner should have gotten arrested for providing the open access to the public and cheating out the ISP! Ugh…

And people wonder why it’s so damn hard to get a job in IT when there’s so many fucking idiots who have those cherished jobs in the first place…

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So the moral of the story here folks? If you run a wi-fi network at home that’s wide open, you will get no pity from me when your connection is used to download kiddy porn or hack a system or steal identity information and you get in trouble for it. Secure it by any means necessary. If need be, find a geek and bribe them with Doritos and soda and possibly a screening of the latest Star Wars flick or pay for his current month in his MMORPG of choice to properly secure your network. We’re real easy to please… =)

Here’s a decent tutorial most anyone can follow to help secure their home network:

Securing your Wireless Network

Though that line about not broadcasting your SSID (or ESSID) is total bullshit. Doing that has been known and proven to hinder your wireless network’s performance. Plus, you can use cool SSID names like PornCentral or IHackedYourMom or SuckIt to let everyone know how cool you are. 😉

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I don’t know how to make mine secure, and I am aware that anyone out there can use it. I do worry about it, but I don’t know what to do about it.

thanks for the edit and including that information to secure it…I will have to check it out tonight when I go home. Alot of it in that link I don’t understand, because it is it is computer mumbo-jumbo to me.

I bought a Netgear one from A friend of mine that knows a bit about computers suggested it to me after I replaced my dial-up with DSL and bought a laptop. He did warn me that it was open and anyone walking past my house could use it. I really didn’t know what else to do about it from there.

Ahhh well you definitely made a good choice. Netgear is a very good brand for home users that are beginners of sorts with networking. I find their stuff is easiest to use and set up.

Luckily, NetGear provides a decent little walk-through as well with regards to security along with some decent links to help you understand and configure more atuff. =)

Hehe.. Actually, I am not sure why that extra section after the rant did not post up as well. I think the curly bracket threw something off and it did not fully post.

Yeah… It’s a little much to take in, but the key part to remember is to look for wireless security in your Netgear’s setup and just turn it on and give it a good password. Assuming you have Netgear wireless cards in your machines, you just put that password into them and you are protected. =)

That said, when I do finally go wireless, what bribes do you accept? *winks*

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