The blame goes elsewhere

I’m not sure if anyone out there who does not live in Jersey heard about this tragic event that claimed 3 kids a few days ago in Camden. Somehow, 3 children went missing and then some days later, they were found dead in the trunk of a family car. Police came and helped search along with family members and friends in numerous places and for roughly 2 days and no one could come up with their location. Most feared kidnapping, but as one of the fathers was looking in the trunk of a Camry, he made the gruesome discovery. As tragic as this event was, what happened next made me sick to my stomach.

One of the fathers of the children immediately placed the blame solely on the police in a press conference for not finding the children sooner in the trunk.

Now, here’s the kicker… Most of the experts agreed that the children would have perished way before the police were called in, however it was reported that the parents waited 3 HOURS before bringing in the police. Now, I can’t fathom what a parent must go through when they lose track of their children in this manner only to find them dead at a later time, but if my kid were gone 10 minutes, you bet your ass I would be calling the cops! I mean with all of the kidnappings and everything going on, why in the world would a parent wait 3 HOURS to get the authorities involved?!?

Also, during the 3 hours you were searching for your kids, why couldn’t you also look in the trunk? For that matter, shouldn’t the parents be looking after the children a bit more closely? Camden is pretty much one of the worst places you can live in this country and to not watch after your kids in such a dangerous city doesn’t seem to make much sense to me. I am getting so sick and tired of people relinquishing all form of common sense and responsibility for their own actions and placing blame where it does not belong. I know what happened was a tragedy that resulted in the loss of three innocent lives, but be very careful where you place the blame on this. Unfortunately, some of us in this world are forced to learn very valuable lessons such as this the hard way.

Here’s an excellent editorial on this very subject.

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I don’t know, but if that shit happened to my kids, I’d definitely be blaming noone but myself.

I couldn’t fathom blaming the police. I would blame myself. I’d be too ashamed to point fingers elsewhere :/

That’s so tragic and terrible. I didn’t know you would die so quick being stuck in the trunk of a car though.

I definitely agree with you on the fact that they waited about 2.75 hours too long to call the police.

Having “lost” my daughter once in a mall, it was one of the worst experiences of my life. Thank God some ladies found her in an elevator. She was 3 at the time and she kept asking to ride it. I told her she would have to wait. When I walked into a store, she just kept on walking. I freaked! I look after both of my children very closely, but things happen. Especially now that my son is getting older (11), I have to search the neighborhood for him on a weekly basis. Then he gets grounded cause he just goes off with his buddies and doesn’t tell me. Grrrrr. I need to make him read this story so he understands why I get so damn mad! ‘Course, I do live in a pretty safe town. It’s fairly small and we know a ton of people…but still…scary.

I don’t get how people can want to sue when tragedy strikes their family. It makes it all seem so fake. The LAST thing I’d be thinking about if my child died tragically is getting money out of it!

Exactly… I just can’t see why he would choose to say those things when he had to know people would start blaming him and the rest of the parents instead *if* anything.

I agree completely . . . & what’s worse, these days especially, is that in blaming the police, they probably think that they’ll get some sort of financial compensation for their ‘grievances & loss’ . . . which in my opinion, no amount of money could make up for the loss of my children.

Yeah, I was reading up on it when it happened and in the older cars (like that Camry in question) the trunk is pretty air tight. With such a small amount of space in there for three hyper active children to be in , they would have been lucky if they had more than 30-45 minutes of breathable air in there.

Nowadays though, I think all cars are required to have an escape latch or mechanism just to prevent this from happening which does happen on occassion.

Oh, I can definitely understand about things like this happening, especially in very busy areas such as malls, crowded streets and such… Definitely something terrifying to go through. 🙁

Neither do I and I do not think they will sue for monetary purposes or else the rest of the world will most certainly vilify them.

Oh no way whatsoever. There is no amount of money in the world that can replace another person… If they ask for any form of monetary compensation for this particular case, they should lose all rights as parents.

I’m going to hell for laughing in this thread, but especially your mention of the escape latches reminds me of Jack Ass when they guy is bound, in a thong, duct tape over his lips and… escapes from the boot and runs around screaming through the duct tape, lol.

There was a case in Australia this year where this woman got locked in a trunk for like… over a week. Her husband and his mistress tried to kill her. She survived, but she’s in a coma and maybe brain damaged. It must have been a newer car. I forget how she was discovered.


Man, I wish I still had cable to be able to watch Jackass. 🙁 That’s a pretty hilarious scenario that happened! Hah!

Wow, that’s a pretty fucked up story there… Hope the guy and the mistress are rotting away in jail.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure they are. The really fucked up thing is that to throw police off the scent, they made a fake profile for the wife on Adult Friend Finder, to make it look like she was doing something sleazy and got killed by someone off the net :/

I remember watching the news when the bodies were first discovered and seeing the outrage of family and neighbors at the fact that the police had searched everywhere except for the car trunk. My reaction while watching was, the owners of the car freakin’ had the keys, why didn’t they look in the car?! How could they blame the police when the family itself didn’t think to look there?

But then I felt I was being too harsh and that I have no idea what it is like to lose 3 kids like that. But still, the rational side of me asked why they blamed the police when they themselves are guilty of the very thing they accuse the police of doing (or rather, not doing).

This story almost made me cry. Not to mention, “It’s Always Raining in my Head” by Staind was playing on the radio while I was reading it. AND I have major PMS and am extremely emotional.

That really hit me hard, especially because I have two boys of my own. Whenever something like this happens, I always think of what they were going through when they realized they couldn’t get out. Ok, I need to stop thinking about this now.

Back when my kids were little my youngest daughter (6 at the time) wandered across the street to see my neighbors new born puppies…I thought she was with her father, who thought she was in the house with me….30 minutes passed, he came back she wasnt with was exactly 10 seconds before the phone was in my hand and he was scouring the neighborhood….thankfully she was with a neighbor and safe and the cops were at my house in about 4 minutes….

What bothers me about this case..maybe noone else thought of 11, kids are pretty knowledgable…why would an 11 year old get into a truck of a car…just made me go….Hmmmmm yaknow

Yeah I heard about that. That is very sad. I dont know what I would do if something bad happened to my kids (I dont have any right now but…)

I agree, this upset me when I saw it on the news. I had heard that the 11 year old was mentally challenged although I have not heard this on the news. If he was, then why weren’t the parents watching them better. There are so many preverts out there just waiting to pick up a child that all parents should be keeping a very close eye on their children. This is a horrible tragedy and it also bothers me to know what those children went through in that trunk. The darkness itself was probably terrifying to them.

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