Wait, more pictures?


I must admit I’m pretty disappointed with most of the beautiful ladies on my friend list with only three of you representing. Was quite nice seeing both maniccutie and jennymoon75 in their beautiful barefoot glory and oh. my. word! scarlett_trocar!!! I’m still in awe!

Anyhoo, my brother told me he took pics of me while I was playing my guitar for him the last time he was over. Figured I could share them as well… Too bad I look better than I can play the damn thing… Why oh why did I stop playing that thing ages ago? It’s so sad that I hear a song I used to play back in the day and have my fingers get all jumbled when trying to remember how to play the songs… ~sighs~

Well, here they are:

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awww who is the cutie??:P
You don’t want pics of my BIG ol clown feet;)

Give a girl a chance would ya? 😉

Mine isnt sexy… but its me… cause I hate to wear anything other than flip flops… even though most days I do.

You only get one foot. 😉

Hot pictures by the way. I cant even stand how adorable you are.

Oh my!!! ~rowr~ ~rowr~ Flip flops are nice indeed, espcially with nicely painted toes. 🙂

And thanks for the compliments… 😀

What a HOTTIE you are with your guitar.

I actually did look through my pics that I have saved on my computer and not one showed my feet 🙁

I’m an open toed shoe wearing girl. All my heels and shoes show my painted toes 🙂

Why thank you! 🙂

I’m an open toed shoe wearing girl. All my heels and shoes show my painted toes 🙂

BEAUTIFUL!! Just what I like to hear! Hehe… 🙂

Long ago and far away I Had a name on Yahoo that was CherryBloP0P…and knowing that..someone gave me that icon…

its prolly stolen from somewhere else…


no, no, no… a guy playing guitar doesn’t have to try to look good because in essence it is incredibly sexy.

And I don’t have a digital camera. Shame too, ‘cuz I wore really cute shoes today.

You look really comfortable with that geetar!
Cool pics…

Ahh! Kick ass screenname and I LOVED those blow pops! My favorites were the watermelon though.

Actually, I know the girl in that icon… *lol* She had an LJ for a long time but a short while ago she mysteriously vanished.

ahhhh…well someone gave it to me..but Ill stop its usage…thanks for the info…

Oh I didn’t eman anything bad… 🙂 I was just curious, tis all! 🙂 I’m sure she wouldn’t mind anyone using the icon. 😀

Huh? Wha? You wanted pictures of feet? I’m so sorry…I had the worst day yesterday. I will get you a pic of my dirty dogs when I get home.

And have I ever told you that you look like my brother?

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