Show me yours!

Ok ladies…

In honor of my compliment not backfiring on me at work and actually making someone happy this miserable and rainy Monday, I’m in the mood to see some pretty feet in some nice shoes! Let’s see if we can have a few of you on my buddy list (or out in public) post up a photo of you in your shoes! It doesn’t need to be a full body shot if you are the nervous type either. I guess just drop a comment if you did it on your blog or feel free to post it in my comments area… Pass it along!

19 replies on “Show me yours!”

I just read the update – awesome! I think the other woman was just being a whore. 😀

Holy shit I spit my beer all over my keyboard on that second photo! You ROCK!!!!

However, those are some very purty feetsies you have there and cool toe rings! Though what is that device in the corner there? I am oddly curious. 🙂

That is Steven’s Century CD. Its a storage system that is really cool. It comes with software and you can put your DVDs and CDs in the storage containers and store them in your software also. So when you want a movie all you do is type in the name and it ejects it and even asks you who it is ejected for. That way if someone borrows a movie or something, you will know who you lent it to.

hehe. my sister found a cd with a huge collection of pics of other womens’ feet her husband had taken pics of..

she was ready to divorce him.

we were like, wtf is wrong with you? he likes womens feet. its not like he’s molesting kids or anything.

just thought i’d share the story. i’m on pain pills. just ignore me 😛

Ummm, she was going to divorce him over photographs of women’s feet? Wow! That’s completely weird! I hope she came to her senses eventually…

How are you feeling?

i’m actually starting to feel better. my physical therapist is just kicking my ass.. thanks 🙂

and yes.. my sister is .. odd. she came to visit us all HORRIFIED at what she had found.. was telling us about it all serious-like.. and finally my mom and i just started laughing .. we were like honey.. it could be so much worse… what the hell is your problem???

she was just looking for a good reason to leave him i think. of course then she decided his paycheck was nice.

now everytime he comes in town we are sure to walk around barefoot hehe.. we’re such evil people…

Ahhh, good to hear the therapist is doing their job right. 🙂

Ahhh, so she was looking to get out of it! Hehe… That explains it. 🙂 And you guys are SOOOO bad by walking around barefoot! I love it!

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