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Is it so damn wrong to compliment a woman on her choice of shoes?

A few years back at an old job, I had complimented one of the ladies I worked with on her shoes. They were this really cool black heel type thingies and they looked pretty cool on her. So I told her that I thought she had really nice shoes on and she thanked me, smiled and walked away. The next day I get a call from the HR lady and it turns out that the lady with the nice shoes made a complaint against me. As it turns out, the HR lady pretty much dropped the whole case because she thought the complainer was a bitch in the first place (they have had some issues in the past I guess), but ever since then I have always sealed my lips when to comes to compliments in the work place.

So, as I am walking back to my desk today I noticed the office manager had on a pair of really cool black low heeled shoes without a back to them. I was about to throw a “Hey, nice shoes!” her way, but I stopped myself short because I did not want it misconstrued in any way. Eh well…

I also got my laptop webcam in this morning, yay! Granted I look like a dork, I took a snapshot of me at my desk. Once I get the colors and imaging straightened out better, I’m thinking of leaving the cam on throughout the day over Yahoo Messenger or something.. Who knows.

Hope you all have a good Monday!


Ok ok ok, I uploaded a couple of more pics of me mid-smile and actually laughing. It’s really hard for me to force a smile, so I usually have people make a joke when I am getting my picture taken. So, my boss came in and cracked a few funny stories and I just happened to fire up the cam and snap a couple of extra pics.

Also, the woman with the nice shoes came in to ask me something about her user account and I took a risk and complimented her on the shoes. Apparently, she just found and bought them yesterday and no one had commented her on them so far, so she was all sorts of giddy and happy when I paid her the compliment. So much so that her office mate just called me a short while ago telling me how she’s raving at getting a compliment on them. Hah! How cool is that?

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are you serious? she made a complaint because you complimented her shoes? what a bitch. i would be so happy if a guy complimented my shoes..haha..i mean, cause its rare to find a guy who actually cares about shoes.

nice pic. i like the shirt tie combo. very cute too.

I hate stupid, fucking uptight, repressed bitches. Sometimes I would really like to go inside people’s minds, just so I can see what the hell causes their thought processes.

Nice tie, sir! You may want to smile, I mean, it is Monday and all.

It’s so interesting that you posted about this today! Just this morning, one of my male co-workers said something about my wearing a “nice shirt” today. (I usually wear subdued colors and never pink, and today I am wearing a bright (for me, but normal on anyone else) pink top.) I thanked him and went on my merry way doing whatever I was doing, but it made me think that he had guts to make a comment because, in this day and age, someone more… sensitive… could start a whole ruckus over something as innocent and silly as that comment.

I think you made the right decision in not saying anything. I would say that unless you really know your (female) coworkers and feel comfortable chatting with them, you should refrain from giving compliments. Sad state of affairs we’re living in, huh? :-[

Um, you can compliment me… shoes anytime 🙂

Seriously, that was uncalled for on her part. Don’t let her spoil it for the rest of females out there that love getting compliments on what they wear 🙂

man, that is total crap! You cant’ say anything about a woman’s appearance anymore… it’s pretty lame.. not like you are saying somehting like “Damn, girl, them shoes be looking sexxxxy on ya!” Bah… stupid politcal correctness.

And I dig the webcam.. I should hook one up here at work!


You commented on her shoes and she reported you? Unbelievable!

You should have slapped that bitch, for real!
She obviously has issues in her own head, and is making them everyone else’s problems…
Next time, jack off all over her shoes, and see how she likes that! haha
It’s not gonna kill you to smile! 😉

Yeah, she did! Well, oddly enough I think she was let go a short while after she made that complaint. She was not very well liked in the company my guess for that particular reason.

Oh yeah… It’s very hard for me to find a woman attractive who does not take care of her feet and keep em pretty and such. Especially with adding nice shoes to them…

Thanks for the shirt/tie comment! =) Picked out the tie by myself! w00t!

Yeah I know!

Hehe… Ok ok ok… I uploaded two more pics of me laughing. I’m not sure why, but I have the hardest time forcing a smile for a camera… I usually just have someone tell a funny joke while the picture gets taken. Luckily my boss was in the room and he was telling us of a funny story so I snapped a few shots of me in mid laughter and still smiling from the story… Heh. =)

Yeah, it is a sad state of affairs when someone can’t give an honest compliment anymore without the fear of a lawsuit or a job loss. Eh well… I’m sure all of her friends made comments about the cool shoes.

I’d be complimenting everything about you every single minute if you worked anywhere near me!

Actually, she just came in the room to ask me a question about her account and I happened to mention I thought her shoes were looked great on her and she was pretty thankful it seems. Her office mate JUST called me to say she’s beaming now because someone complimented her on the shoes! Hehe.. All is not dead in this world it seems! =)

Exactly! It’s not like I told her I’d love to have her legs wrapped around my head or somethiing… *lol* Then again with a bunch of my friends, they would love that compliment too! Hehe.

It just sucks that it’s getting harder and harder to innocently compliment one on their appearance without fear of something awful happening to you.

Yeah, that’s what all of my friends said too when I used to work at that place after it happened… ~shrugs~

Hahaha! That would have been hilarious!

Actually she wasn’t the most attractive person on the planet so the jack off thing… Ehhh, not her… *lol*

Hahaha! Ok, I uploaded some more pics! I swear I’m even laughing in one of them!! I just suck at forcing a smile. Makes me look like some type of serial killer. Luckily my boss was in the room so he told me a joke to make me laugh for the camera.. 🙂

This is not meant as a negative thing at all… but you look like a completely different person when you laugh and smile. 🙂

Oh, please don’t worry about it. You know, I get that all of the time! I can sort of see it to… Who knows? =)

Ok…did you just say, hey nice shoes..or
Hey Nice Shoes…wanna F**K? >>snicker<< Its sad that a man cant compliment a woman without fear of a sexual harrassment case...its also sad that a woman cant compliment a man for the same reasons... its rare to find a man who notices a womans shoes, let alone compliments them.... I am a shoe ho, so if a man notices my shoes, its usally a big deal.... Nice Tie...wanna F**K? LOL J/K

Shoot, I love getting compliments. That first lady was kuku.

I love shoes, so compliments are welcome. I would assume most girls fall into this category, especially if they pick a cute pair they must be asking to be noticed, right?

I would say the girl was a dumb bitch for making a complaint on something that petty, but then, how did you say it? Did you say non-chalantly, “nice shoes…” or did you lick your lips, look her up and down, and between deep heavy panting drool out, “niiiiice, shoooooooes….” hee hee.

Cute pics by the way. So adorable.

:blush: you made my day! 🙂

So glad she accepted your compliment in a positive way.

Hahaha! Actually no, it was just a plain “Those are some nice shoes!” and I thought she had no problem with it. Oh yeah, I used to compliment one of my old roomie’s shoes all of the time when I was living with her back in school! She told me that every woman always wants to hear good compliments on items such as shoes and accessories because they tend to be the most personal of objects you wear. So a compliment on that is a compliment towards her…

Why thank you on the tie and HELL’s YEAH! 😉 *lol*

So THAT’S why she reported me! I figured she might have wanted to see me stroking my junk while giving her the compliment and spanking her on the ass… 😉 *lol*

Nah, it was actually a very innocent comment that I guess weirded her off somehow… Eh well ~shrugs~

I wouldn’t have minded the little ass spankin’. 😉

Sometimes women are just plain stupid! No wonder I prefer to hang around guys the majority of time. I swear, if a guy said that to me I would just laugh and say “thanks” and not even think anything more about it. What was supposed to be so wrong about that anyway? Stupid whore probably didn’t get laid the right way the night before and decided to hate men that day.

Stupid whore probably didn’t get laid the right way the night before and decided to hate men that day.

HAHAHAH! That’s probably right! 😉

What a bitch! If someone’s going to compliment you on something you’re wearing, take the compliment! People are so distrustful (is that even a word?) of each other especially between men and women. We’re a bunch of hysterical idiots if you ask me. I would not be offended if you commented on my shoes, I would probably quite like it.

This story reminds me of when I was in university. A lot of emails were always being sent around with lists of pick up lines. There is one that applies here: “Nice shoes! Wanna fuck?” Had that been said to me I would have laughed my ass off.



Oh, and I think I can scrounge up a shot or two of my feet in some sexy shoes…

Haha! Yeah I got that e-mail too back when I was in school, though I never had the guts to actually use that line on someone! *lol*

Ooooh! I would absolutely love to see a shot or two or three or four of you in some sexy shoes… Heck, ANY photos of you would be fabulous! ~grins~

Just read the update — that’s cool that she took the compliment well. There are so few people who do either (give or take compliments in the workplace) that it really is a crying shame. But I like people like that who are relaxed and understand that not all comments have ulterior motives behind them. (Hmm, although after reading your comments about wrapping legs around your head, I don’t know anymore… 😉 j/k!)

Yeah, she even wore the same style shoes today but in a different color to match her outfit. She saw me walking down the hall and I just flashed her a “Ok” hand gesture and smiled and she got all sorts of giddy again. Hehe… My feeling is that if someone took the time out to make themselves up nicely, the least anyone can do is acknowledge and compliment it. 🙂

You are right though, there are many compliments out there that are just compliments without any hidden meaning or anything. 🙂 As far as the wrapping thing goes, I’ll just plead the fifth! *lol*

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