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Ok, so last week I overheard something very interesting from a table full of women. One of them was talking about how her boss was hitting on her and she was pretty uncomfortable with it. Then another chimed in and stated, “It’s only harassment if he’s ugly,” to which every other woman at that table agreed with. I was pretty disturbed by that statement, but I have heard it in a lot of different places. Both by co-workers and personal friends. For the record, I believe it’s harassment either way. One just chooses not to do anything about it because there’s an attraction involved.

What are your thoughts on this? If I did this correctly (thanks a bunch for the help Niecy!) then you will see the results but not who voted that way.. Can someone verify that they can not see who voted what? Thanks!

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But it wasn’t because I didn’t relate. I think its only sexual harassment if it makes you uncomfortable. I wasn’t attracted to my old boss and he flirted with me all the time. But we were chums so it was ok. It made me smile and gave me a good day. But if it was a sleazy guy that I didn’t like (like another co-worker at the same place that I could not stand) then I would have gone to HR immediately just to get him in trouble b/c he was a tool.

I have filed two sexual harrassment complaints, and neither guy was “a dog”.

The first one was actually a friend of mine.

One happened when I was 20 and the other when I was 27.

And no, I am not a prude.

I agree with you. Attractive or not, if it’s making me uncomfortable, it’s harrassment. If I know the person or I know they’re just playing around, it’s fine, but if it goes further than that, I’m not comfortable with it.

I had to disagree because it’s not about whether the person is attractive or not – attractiveness is extremely subjective anyway.

It’s about whether the attention is welcome or not. If I like you and want you to flirt or touch or whatever it is that’s fine. If I don’t, you better back off. Just like in a bar or at a party, it’s the same thing. Except the workplace is not a bar or a party :/

i disagree but i don’t believe it is sexual harassment if you are “attracted to” the person and welcome the advances or are making your own.

There is a GIANT double-standard with sexual harassment and women. They can do it, we can’t. It’s that simple.

ok, heres the deal. women make this joke a lot, but heres’ what they really mean. we’re not really so hardcore that we mind all forms of flirting in the workplace. as a relatively attractive female, there have been plenty of times that someone i’m not attracted to (ugly or cute, doesnt matter) has made a ‘flirty’ comment to me, in a totally harmless way, and i never get offended by that. i’m flattered, actually.

its when a guy who i’m not interested in CONTINUOSLY goes too far with the flirting… takes it to another level… says crude things, or touches you.. there IS a difference between harmless flirting and the kind that creeps you out. and it doesnt matter if its coming from a cute guy or an ugly one. THAT is harrassment in my opinion. and it doesnt happen nearly as often as women scream that it does. which is sad, bc when it really does, people tend to not believe them.. they think they are crying wolf bc so many women before them have screamed harrassment simply bc a polite man has told them they looked nice.

now, truthfully, some women are the type who dont mind the creepy harrassment if its from a cute guy. they dont mind if a guy is a creep as long as he’s cute. these women are, IMO, morons and desparate, but hey, what can you do. but i personally do not feel this way and i THINK most women are probably with me on this one.

i have to disagree with you here. i totally agree that men get harassed as well. i have seen it. unfortunately, i have yet to see a man do anything about it. first, i hate to put it bluntly, but most men simply dont mind getting hit on. its almost difficult to make a man feel uncomfortable in a sexual manner. second, if you truly do feel uncomfortable, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. you have just as much case as a woman does. yes, your bosses will probably give you a rough time. they may not believe you at first. but it will hold up in court, and if thats what you have to do to get justice, then by all means, take the chick to court. if men DONT start standing up for their rights, too, then this will continue to be a lopsided battle.

i’ve seen lots that have tried, but courts just dont side with men when it comes to this.

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