So close I can taste it…

Not going to be on here very much over the next two days or so as my World of Warcraft main character (Liaresa on Feathermooon if you want to drop in and /whipser a “Hi” to me) hit level 59 as of last night. For those of you who do not know, 60 is the maximum level you can reach in that game, so I am geeking it out and devoting all of my free time to reach my final ding. Fortunately, two other guildmates reached 60 last week, so they will be of great help getting me there and hopefully, I’ll remember to take a screenshot of that ding to add to my growing collection.

Curse that addictive game!

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Congrats! Sorry we’re not on the same server (Maggtheridon), but congrats nonetheless. I’d do some free enchants for ya.

World of Warcraft is the “other woman” in my marriage. My husband comes home EVERY NIGHT and plays for hours on end and sometimes stays up all night just to play. He’s Eltron on Shatteredhand and is about to create a character on some weird server name that begins with an M.

Hehe… Yeah, it’s just something about this game where you can spend hours upon hours having a blast. Hmmm, have you tried rolling a character and joining him? I know of a lot of couple who love to play together. Heck, I even saw an in game wedding between two real life people who were engaged. Pretty cool if you ask me…

Why thank you!

Hehe… My little bro is an Artisan enchanter and he does all of my stuff for me. Thanks for the offer anyway! Is Maggtheridon a PvP server?

Yeah, I played SWG for like ten minutes and I tried WoW for about the same amount of time. I just don’t get into them. The game is never over. Plus I have a beef against it b/c it gets more attention than I do and I’m a freaking newlywed… But that is an entirely different post and I’m in an ill mood right now so I won’t subject you to that. lol

Hehe… Yeah, but the fact that the game never ends is a huge draw for me. Makes me feel justified in spending the 14 or 15 bucks a month to play it.

Yeah, my ex had a big problem with me playing games all of the time so I made a compromise with her. Throughout the entire week, I played it to my heart’s content and then the weekends were fully devoted to her and stuff that we do together. This way, we’re both pretty happy with everything… I get what I want and so did she.

I only get irritated with him when I’m PMSing. I’m ok now and thought about it a lot this weekend and thought “well it is something that makes him happy and why would I want to keep him from being happy?” Plus it has nothing to do with me so I’m getting over it. I just need my own hobby, I guess.

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