Now this is a doozy…

Ok, this is going to sound a bit odd but here it goes.

I have this friend (really I do. Really! I mean it!) that wants to create an adult based website with her husband. So, for some unknown reason, she is asking me for all sorts of advice with regards to it. I actually tried to talk them out of it because well these are the types who will be dumb enough to get caught. One of them works at a rather prestigious business as an upper (way way upper) executive and the other works in the non-profit charity business. If they do happen to get caught, I do not know what would happen to their professional lives but my guess is that they would lose their jobs and livelihood along with it. Personally, I’d say just invest in a video camera and make oodles of home movies together, but what the heck, they want to go all out. I at least talked them into not showing their faces or if anything wearing masks or something to hide their identities on the internet.

Anyway, they are now looking into some type of very inexpensive credit card authentication system for their website if they decide to create it. They asked me, but I have no clue what to even look for. Does anyone perhaps know of someone (or have done something similar) who is in this sort of business that can help me guide them into a good system? If you’re squeamish about actually commenting, feel free to e-mail me with any info you might have. Thanks bunches!

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I dunno about the credit card thing… but are they hot? hook me up bro!



My husband said in the latest Maximum PC there are ads all over that have that kind of thing. They are like $10 a month. Have them pick up the latest issue and thumb through it and they’ll find it.

They asked you – because you were at least smart enough to suggest masks or something, I never would have thought about that. 😉

I have no idea by the way…. Sorry.

Hahahaha! Sadly, they’re not the best looking bunch of people. 🙁

They offered me a free membership and I politely turned it down. I do *not* want to see either of them nekkid… *lol*

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