Yes, it can happen to you

Ok folks, time to swap stories about embarrassing IM converstions… I’ll share first being the respectable gent that I am (alright stop your laughing).

So, I was having a rather hot conversation with an ex of mine just a few minutes ago and my boss came in to ask me a question but at the last second she had mentioned something about her ass. So, I take care of a weird Exchange issue in the server room and come back to my desk and without looking I type “So you want me to come by and spank that hot tight little ass tonight,” hoping to ellicit a nice response from her. I happened to look at the window title and see my friend’s name on it with that message typed out on the screen. He of course replies with a “Dude, that’s fucking sick” at which point I (rather embarrisingly) call him up and tell him it was a mistake and let him know what happened. He starts cracking up, I hear him fall off his chair and then I hang up. He then calls me up four times to continue laughing at me. Welp, make that five times.. Gah!!!

Anyway, I called up my ex to let her know what happened and she’s in all sorts of hysterics now. My AIM windows have nothing but LOLs on them and a bunch of laughing emoticons.

Geez… Feel free to let me know of any stories you may have or just laugh your ass off too. I got to admit, it’s a pretty hilarious situation I got myself into there.. Heh.

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I have to say that I have never even come close to a mistake like that. Not even while gaming and being barraged with tells.

With that said:


ahahaha! That’s what you get for being such a FREAK!!

HA!!! Nope, don’t even have one that is close to that! HA! HA! Priceless!!


That was great! See what happens when you talk smut at work? 😉 LOL

I totally needed that laugh tonight.

I would have died if I did that…. at least you can see the humor in it!!!

Oh shit – thats too funny.

Thank GOD Ive never had that happen (knock on wood) I have come close a few times though, using the computer over at my parents house… my mom was sitting next to me in their computer room and a “buddy” 😉 of mine sends me an IM asking me when I was going to suck his cock again… and I closed it as my mom looked at the screen. So Ive come close, but thank goodness never been caught. LOL I would have died!

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