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Not sure if everyone knows, but in the past (before LJ), I kept a blog at one of my domains, for about one and a half years and at another for a couple of years before that. Every once in a while, I enjoy going back in time to certain dates and just see what I was doing or thinking that day. Here’s some stuff that happened around this day in the past (2002-2004):

May 2002 (full month here if you want to waste time)
May 2003 (full month here if you want to waste time)
May 2004 (full month here if you want to waste time)

For shits and giggle, I also looked up my very first entry here on LJ and it’s so freaggin’ me. Heh.

While reading many of my past entries, it seems like I have written about less personal events or thoughts in my more recent ventures in blog land. I wonder why that is? For those of you who have kept blogs in the range of many years, do you ever go back? If so, have you noticed if your entries become less or more personal over time? I would figure that over time, you become better acquainted with your readers and you would divulge more, yet for me that is not the case. For example, look at this. It’s just something I would not think about writing here… I guess over a little more time I’ll be getting all gushy and all.

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I often go back and read my entries. I divulge a lot in my entries. Always have. Probably always will.

That is so funny you mention this. I just went back one year ago on Memorial Day. It was quite shocking what I wrote! It was a private entry (I was KING SIZED pissed at John and I went OFF!) It was pretty funny, actually.

I love going back through my past entries. I’ve been on LJ since ’02 (hence darlingnikki02), so I have lots of fond memories!

my entries are all over the place..prob cause im bipolar 😛

i write about everything personal in my life…i just filter posts so hubby cant read them!

I generally write more personal stuff in all my journals. I have been keeping a journal of some sort for close to 15 years and it’s always interesting to go back and see how I felt or what was important. Sometimes I have no idea what I was talking about. I think LJ has made my writing more accurate, because I explain things better, since other people are reading it.

Oh and in regards to your first ever LJ entry… I drive a truck. *wink*

Yeah, since this is a journal of mine, I think I shoudl start writing about more of my thoughts and personal stuff soon or else when I look at this X years from now I won’t just see some silly meme I thought was cool or something… Heh.

So, you drive a truck eh?? ~swoons~

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