Weekend update

Had a fairly interesting weekend.

The ex joined her softball team at work and needed some help with learning how to properly do things like bat, throw and catch the ball. It’s a good thing that she’s a pretty quick learner because it makes teaching someone stuff so much easier. So, we found a local batting cage in Hamilton and I showed her the basics of the proper swing and she was smacking balls left and right in no time. I must admit that I was pretty proud at how fast she took to getting a good swing down and it actually reminded me of the way Darryl Strawberry batted if he was right-handed. She’s even got the little kick as she’s ready to hit the ball too, it’s so cute! Needless to say, I’m probably going to go down to watch her play this Wednesday as that would be her second game. It will be interesting to see if the things I taught her stuck in her head or not.

I also managed to catch the movie Saved! with her on Saturday night and holy shit is that such a hilarious movie. I’d have to say that Macaulay Culkin was really funny in the movie and I loved how they portrayed the single Jewish girl at a Christian high school as the evil villian at first! Oh man, the way this movie pokes fun at the bible thumping numb-nuts that exist in our society was so hilarious! Watching it brought me back to the good ol’ Rutgers days where the Campus Crusade for Christ freaks were trying to “save” me left and right. It was a lot like that scene from Airplane! where the main captain was beating up the religious freaks who were approaching him. Priceless I tell ya!

Oh and did anyone catch Saturday Night Live with Will Farrell?! Holy shit that Jeopardy skit was fucking HIL-A-RIOUS! I really wish they did more of those when he was a regular.

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I Tivo’d SNL and watched it Sunday morning. The Jeopardy skit was so funny I actually watched it twice. 🙂

Oh yeah! Those two are such a great pairing. I think Sean Connery should show up on a real episode of Jeopardy and see if anything like that happens!

Hmm… I’m thinking that the real Sean Connery is a little more serious. 🙂

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