Downloadable music?

Ok all, hopefully some of you out there use an on-line music service. I’m looking to finally go on-line and download myself some music that I’m simply too tired to look for on the newsgroups or on the p2p app of the minute. What do you all use out there and most importantly, how is the music presented to you?

Do you own the music from the moment you own it or simply “rent” it until your subscription runs out? Are there copy restrictions placed on the music file itself? Like can I copy it to more than a few CDs and/or a few computers without any problems? Does it use DRM? Are you able to choose different bit rates (like 256Kb vs the old standby of 128Kb)? Hopefully I can get some decent answers and I can choose whether or not to finally use a subscription service or just copy the songs I like from friend’s CDs.

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I download all my songs from Limewire!! I LOVE it!! It’ll actually tell you if a song is bad or wont play and stop the download. Its best if you have a fast internet connection.

If youre wanting to pay for downloads try iTunes (get it from for free)You can buy single songs from albums for 79p or albums for £7.90 once youve downloaded the album you can burn it to CD as many times as you like as long as its for your own personal use only 😉

Otherwise I prefer limewire for my freebies

I use WinMx…

You don’t have to pay for it..

Kazaa used to kick ass for free downloads, but I haven’t been on recently. I mainly stick with iTunes cause I have an iPod…but I’m finding a frightening lack of stuff I’ve been looking for, so there is a lot to be desired with iTunes sometimes.

Yeah see, the bad part about using LimeWire is that it’s known to contain spyware apps which install along with it. Not really into subjecting my PC with that stuff. I actually use eMule to get most of my tunes and it does a decent job of it. Plus it’s got the built-in features to make my music searching a little safer.

Ahh that’s what I wanted to hear! =)

Actually I use eMule. Look at my response above as to why I don’t use apps like LimeWire. =)

Hehe I know… Well, actually yeah for a bunch of stuff I am looking for I simply can’t find it no matter what p2p app I use.

Hmmm, good to know this. Though I will prolly sign up and at least grab a few songs I know exist in iTunes just to finally have them in my rotation.

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