Movie round-up

Ahah! I have been called out by pebblebeach and rush2112! Well here ya go you silly cats!

1) Total number of films I own on DVD/video:

Wow, must be close to 100 DVDs and dwindling collection of now 10 or so VHS tapes. I must admit though that most of the movies I own are older 80s movies or ones that I truly liked. I think the most recent movie out there that I own is Star Trek: Nemesis. Whereas I have almost every 80s hit out there on DVD. =)

2) The last film I bought:

The last movie I purchased for like 5 bucks at the local Target was The Ref. You can’t go wrong with Dennis Leary and Kevin Spacey in a film together.

“Presents? Is that what you said? Presents? We’ll open them when we get there. No, in fact, I’ll save you the trouble. Your present is a giant fucking can. And you’re gonna crawl in it. Then I’m gonna get 2 pounds of gunpowder and I’m gonna shoot you right out of Jersey! And then I’m gonna drive to Jersey, and pick up all the parts of your body and put them in a plastic bag. Then I’m gonna drive to my house with you in the bag and toss you into the fireplace. I’m gonna get my glass of whiskey and watch the Charlie Brown special with your ashes burning and warming MY HOUSE! AGH!”

3) The last film I watched:

Ummm, I forgot the name of it, but it’s got that guy from “That 70s Show” who’s dating Demi Moore and Bernie Mac. It was a pretty cool movie if I must say so. If only I could remember the damn name of it.

4) Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:

The Princess Bride – A requirement for growing up into adulthood. “My name is Inego Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die”
Braveheart – One of the best experiences ever put to film. Always watch it when I need a pick me up.
The Shawshank Redemption – Tim Robbins rules and it’s got Morgan Freeman and Clancy Brown! You can not go wrong with that! “Dear Warden, You were right. Salvation lies within.”
Weird Science – Kelly LeBrock! Enough said…
Blazing Saddles – If you do not find this one of the most brilliantly made comedies ever made, there has to be something seriously wrong with you. “Then one day I hear “Reach for it, mister.” I spun around, and there I was standing face to face with a six year old kid. Well, I just laid down my guns and walked away. Little bastard shot me in the ass. So I limped to the nearest saloon, crawled inside a whiskey bottle, and I’ve been there ever since.”

5). Pick five people and have them put this in their journal:

Hehe… My turn… 😉


Of course you can all take your time if you so choose to participate. =)

7 replies on “Movie round-up”

I’ll have to watch Blazing Saddles with a quote like that! 😉

I had forgotten about The Shawshank Redemption

Yeah, yeah… I’m doing it now, before I have time to think about tit too long!! LOL

Hehe, oh yeah. It’s one of those movies where you have an endless supply of really funny quotes. However stating most of them now out of context would get you in some pretty big trouble. =)

I saw my name and was instantly excited.


I have been having dreams about you lately.
Just thought I would mention that.

And “The Ref”. Love it. HUGE Kevin fan.
I like the part in the movie where Kevin Spacey freaks out
and starts going ballistic with the fire poker.

Do you like Kevin Smith movies?
I watched “Clerks” in the delivery room, when I was having my son.

Move here.
We’ll drink good lager, watch some movies, and just chill.
I mean it.

Ooooh baby… 😉 Something tells me if we drink watch movies and chill there’s gonna be lots more good stuff going on.. 😉

Actually SHIT yeah do I love older Kevin Smith movies! Clerks has to be his best movie EVER!

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