Editing colors on MySpace?

So who’s got a MySpace account?

If you do, please feel free to add me and I will most graciously do the same to you. Though how the fuck do you edit the main colors for your profile? I’d like to make mine a wee bit darker if possible. For those of you who have a MySpace account, do you find yourself blogging in that as well? I actually just met a few cool people on it that I hang out with on a semi-regular basis now. Has the same happened for you? Do you tend to stay away from meeting random strangers like that or do you welcome it?

Why am I asking so many questions?

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Why am I asking so many questions?

Because you’re cute. 🙂

My friend’s met a couple of people through myspace (she’s more sociable than I am), and we have all gone out and had fun, actually…
Anyway, go to Forum, scroll down to the Myspace folder, and there should be a FAQ in there that will tell you. It’s a little complicated. There are also free programs that will do it for you easily in the same FAQ. You just have to find it; since the entries are all dated, it might not be on the first page. Hope this is making sense?

Oh kick ass! Thanks! I tried changing my background a bit but something went terribly wrong. Though I’m glad it’s CSS based because it makes things much simpler for me to understand.

You ROCK!!!!

I did have one then I deleted it and then I re-created it again. I’m neurotic that way. Anyway…added you.

I used to meet more random strangers than I do now. I just haven’t met any in the area that I’m interested in meeting.

Added you…I first signed up for Myspace because my friend Julie kept wanting me to see the chicks she was interested in on there, and I couldn’t see their profiles unless I was a member. I only know a handful of people on there in person. I don’t really blog there, I like this forum better…but never say never!

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