Jelly beans!


Someone’s got Jelly Bellys upstairs! Who wants some??

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Hmm… sorry, I’ll have to pass since I don’t really like jelly beans. 🙁

Ya got any chocolate?

YUM! I love jelly beans…except the black ones…licorice-yuk!

YES please! and if your getting the chocolate i’ll take that too

Jelly beans are yucky. I’ll take some peanut M & M’s! They go great with an icy cold beer (or three).


I work with a bunch of women. They use chocolate like it was water around hee… I’m sure I can steal some for ya. =)

Same here… I’m big on the Cotton Candy flavored ones and the Buttered Popcorn flavored ones

Mmmmm beer… *homer drool*

“When I was seventeen,
I drank some very good beer,
I drank some very good beer I purchased with a fake ID,
My name was Brian McGee,
I stayed up listening to Queen,
When I was seventeen.”

Just don’t give me any of the buttered popcorn ones! 🙁

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