Sweet dreams are made of these

Had a very interesting dream last night that I figured I would share with you all. =)

So, for some unknown reason, I was getting ready to head out to a dinner with Allison Munn (images of her here for the uninitiated) and we were dressed to the nines. I had on a tux and she had on this very sleek and sexy black gown with a slit up the side that was oh so tasty. Anyway, we were just about ready to start heading out and I walked up behind her as she’s putting her hair up and give her a kiss on her neck. Then she gets this smile on her face and I keep on kissing her neck and then start running my hands up and down her body and she starts getting aroused rather quickly. So she turns around and we start kissing very heavily for a good amount of time and she asks me if I want to kiss her elsewhere. Without hesitation I get on my knees and lift the dress up a little bit and slide her black satin panties (can’t stand that lacy frilly shit) over and proceed to well, you know… 😉 Anyway, I get quite worked up and have enough, so I stand up, turn her around so that I have her hands in a locked in my hand above her head leaning against a doorway and unzip my pants and slide her panties over a little more and proceed to fuck the ever living hell out of her and we’re loving every minute of it…

Then my fucking alarm clock rang.


Anyway thinking back on it, I barely ever have cheesy porn types of dreams like that and I’m still wondering why it was Allison Munn who played the leading lady in it. Not that I mind of course because I did see her in some new show the other day and she filled out pretty nicely. Plus she’s a red head now which (along with brunettes) gets my juices flowing pretty nicely. =)

So now that I have that image of the whole doorway scene burned into my brain it’s making it pretty hard to concentrate today.

I’m going to have to make some phone calls tonight…

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You pervert! j/k!
What is it that you hate about lace panties? I love them! I just went the other day and bought like 3 pairs, haha. I thought guys liked that shit? Now I’m confused…

Hmmm, I’m sure there’s tons of guys out there who dig the lace panties so there’s no need to worry… 😉

As far as myself, I tend to not like women who are into cutesy things like that. From my past experiences the women who were into the frilly lacy crap tended to be a little too prudish and tamed in bed. Of course this does not mean every woman out there who wears lacy stuff is bad in bed, it’s just from my past experience.

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