Why oh why are they allowed to live?

You know what is truly pathetic about this “great” country of ours? The fucked up priorities many people have that just makes you shake your head in disgust.

Take this for instance, Save Toby.com. Here we have a guy (who in my mind came up with a fucking brilliant idea) who is going to “eat” his pet bunny unless he gets 50k. Now, we don’t know if this bunny exists nor do we know if he really will eat that particular bunny, but his donations as of this moment total roughly 24,500 dollars. Yes folks, there are that many fucking retarded half-wits who need to be sterilized to prevent them from procreating and sullying our gene pool. Who knows how many hundreds or thousands of people chose to waste their money on this when it could have gone to oh, let’s say the local homeless shelter or donated towards cancer research or a local battered children charity or the local volunteer squad, etc. Nope, instead of doing some good to others, they choose to send their money to some schlub who realized that people in America are really that fucking retarded.

And people wonder why this country has is the laughing stock of the world.

UPDATE: Welp, looks like I’ve been duped. It’s a hoax… LOL. Disregard this post, move along… =) Thanks for the info denimdoll!

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Get the f*ck outta here! Well looky that!

Wow, so what about all of the news channels that have been reporting this? LOL. Oh man… Priceless!

There was a chick awhile ago who had a “get me out of debt” website. Apparently she received cash from all over for it… lame…

Although in college my roomate and I were gonna mek signs that read “Starving Art Students, please donate for supplies!” But we were too lazy to do it.

People ARE lame in the US, and it’s getting worse everyday!


I need to start a ‘Help Rachel to get a life’ fund for myself. I wonder how much I would get, lol.

The really scary part is that if someone did do it, there WOULD be tons of people fall for it!

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