Pee pee etiquette

If I’m in the bathroom and am using one out of nine urinals. Please do not use the one RIGHT NEXT TO ME and proceed to start talking to me. The rule is to use the one FARTHEST from me and shut the hell up. You can look up, you can look down, you can look at the wall in front of you but do not look at me or speak to me while we are doing our deeds. You can save the meaningless chit chat for when we are washing our hands.

For heaven’s sake, didn’t your father teach you this stuff?

Ladies, do you have this problem? And guys, am I wrong here?


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There’s a way to prevent this, at least on a guy-by-guy basis. If someone stands next to you while peeing, gently rub his shoulders with the hand you WERE using to aim yourself with. Make sure you keep talking as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

That should do it…

There’s two things:

1. There’s a joke which goes Q: “What two words will clear out a men’s room quick”? A: “Nice Dick.”

2. There used to be a Flash game/test online to test people on where they would stand if they went to urinate in a men’s room. Pretty funny game, too, scores and all.

Most of the men’s rooms in the office are 2-urinals, but a few are 5 and 6. you just leave one between you and the next guy if possible.

The best is when people are in a stall and ask you about the time or the weather. Shesh!

Hmmm well the fact that we have stalls kind of eliminates this problem. And most of the women I know go to the bathroom together when they are in a social setting. So I am used to women having conversation in the bathroom while they’re using the toliet.

However there is a slight possibility that the other gentleman might enjoy this particular act and then the problem gets MUCH more complicated. *lol*

Yeah, if there’s a few you shoudl always leave at least a space between pit stops. If you wind up being next to each other, there can’t be any talking. Period.

Ahhh, so it is true!! Wow, that’s gotta be weird chattin up a storm when you’re taking care of business like that. Most men’s bathrooms sound like sealed libraries. Could just about hear a pin drop.

Yeah I don’t get why some women feel the necessity to talk. I mean if it’s my mum I don’t have a problem (I work with her) but I have other co-workers that want to chat up a storm and I find it very uncomfortable. But stalls do help make it easier to chat while taking care of business.

If we are in a social situation (like going to a club/bar), the bathroom is one of the only places to talk without the loud music. But, I can totally understand the man’s point of view on this. I wouldn’t want to sit next to anoter woman without a stall in-between us and chat. I think the very least the other person should leave one space between.

um, what aaronlisa and ayr said!
On a different viewpoint, in jail there are no stalls, and we do not sit there and chat with each other, haha

In my experience we do talk while in the stalls. Now, if it is a public place that we aren’t familiar with, I think we tend to at least put a stall between us and another person. But if we walk in with someone, and are having a conversation we’ll continue the conversation while doing our business. lol

I’ve heard of the unwritten urinal rule, my husband has mentioned it to me before. lol

Hmmm, see guys can’t do the whole talking thing… Just too weird. Then again we’re much less social beings than ladies are.

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