Still alive…

Yes folks, good ol’ Dave is still alive and well albeit real life has me quite busy. As far as a quick synopsis of what’s been going on in my life:

  • Extremely hooked on World of Warcraft. Got my roomie, brother and roomie’s brother hooked onto it. Good times I tell you. Here’s a favorite screenshot (1280×1024) of my level 32 paladin (with such a sweet rack) riding a gryphon through town.
  • Work’s busy as heck. I’m in the process of establishing the game plan for upgrading to WinXP, Office 2k3 and rolling out 150 new Dells this summer for the job.
  • Went out this weekend with the ex to this little Mexican restaurant I adore in the Village. Afterwards, I helped her expand her collection of sex toys which she appreciated very much. Funny stories to tell with regards to that at some point in the future.
  • Just got back from a very wonderful dinner with my old (and still deliciously attractive) roomie who was dropping huge hints about needing a “dick in glass” (watch Chris Rock’s ‘Bring the Pain’ for explanation). The game has now begun and salacious details will follow including an explanation of “the game”… =)

I’m pooped and stink of cigarettes and too many beers. Must pass out…

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Does your character have the pointy pony tail or the thick one?

BTW, awesome screenshot!

Umm, the pointy one I believe. I tend to have a thing for the ladies with ponytails, never really understood why… lol.

Actually, if you want to see more screenshots, please check out some more I uploaded to my gallery.

Thanks! =)

Sounds like life has been treating you pretty good! There’s nothing quite like a good sex toy shopping spree!

I’m always up for salacious details, do tell…

Cool shots. I see that you have been moving along fabulously, getting into a guild and even becoming rich enough to afford a tabard. 😉

Why yes. =)

Actually, gold is very easy to come by when you’re in the mid 20’s depending on how many quests and monsters a few levels above you fight. It’s not uncommon for me to come out with 5-6 gold after a good instance run with a few guild mates after selling off the goods in the auctions or vendors.

The truly terrifying part is that my little brother started out 2 weeks after me and has now passed me in levels with his priest. I’m *thiiiiiiiiiis close* to hitting 34 and he passed that a few days ago. I believe he’s inching closer and closer to 40. That little punk… Actually, I’m pretty glad because we take him out to heal us which turns out for the better. =)

You must have your mount by now. What color did you get? Oh wait, as a Paladin you get it for free, don’t you? Is it different from the other human mounts?

I should play more often but I can’t make myself sit in front of the computer when I am home. I end up sitting and playing for 6+ hours, then I don’t play for weeks, then same routine all over again, re-figuring out what my character can and can’t do. 😛

Yeah, I got my mount last week actually. Though you know what? I’m not as gung ho to get to 60 as I was to get to my mount… *lol* And yes, since I am a Paladin, I got my mount by just talking to the same guy and it has the appearance of having more armor than the other mounts.

I’ve actually cut my playing time a lot more now and am taking it very easy getting to 60. If anything I want to enjoy this new ride before I have to start all over again with a new character.

What would you play as your next character?

Since I play on and off, and continually have to re-learn my character, I have tried the rogue, paladin, druid, warlock, warrior, and priest at the low levels (to about lvl 5-7). My favorite was the mage, which I now have leveled up to 29, I think (tells you how much I play if I don’t even know my lvl! 😛 ).

Actually, when the last patch was released there was a problem on the server I usually play on so I hopped on another one and created a male mage. I actually liked it quite a bit and found myself leveling to 10 in just under 45 minutes. It was ridiculously easy to level up and I will most likely create a mage for my next alt on the server I am on. I also tried out a Tauren Shaman and an Undead Warlock. Both were interesting, but I doubt I would play any of those classes at all. If anything, I will most likely create a rouge after I create my mage. Rogues are definitely a fun character to play I hear.

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