She can lasso me anyday

You know, I recall hearing not too long ago that Hollywood was getting ready to work on a movie version of Wonder Woman. Now, according to this article on Slashdot it’s in the works:

Joss Whedon to Write/Direct Wonder Woman

Now who else is stoked about this? I’ve come to admire the work that Joss has done in the past and can pretty much see Wonder Woman being done properly by him. Now, the big question is, who will they get to play the elusive woman who everyone will no doubt compare to the ever so fine Linda Carter?

You know, I can almost see Charisma Carpenter in this role. She’s a tall, busty and athletic girl who’s perfect for the role looks-wise and has been known to at least look like she fights well. However, I’m not sure if her personality will work out. Some people here are throwing out names like Sandra Bullock and Natalie Portman. See, my problem with these girls is that Wonder Woman is a woman’s woman. She’s not a rail thin wuss of a frail woman. She’s an Amazonian buxom brunette who can kick ass and unless they get a new person from out of the blue, I don’t see any women who could even come close to filling her boots. Well, maybe that woman that played China on WWF, but she’s not the most attractive she-hulk out there…

So, who do you think would make the perfect Wonder Woman and what do you think of Joss writing and directing this film?

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Me!! Me!! i wanna be Wonder Woman.

Ok.. so i dont act (at all) i’m not athletic and i dont have any wonder woman characteristics.. BUT i used to have a WW costume and i THOUGH i could kick ass in it!

Tell ya what! Let’s see ya in that WW costume and I’ll be more than happy to nominate you!!!! =)

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