The Apprentice

Is it me or does The Apprentice really fucking blow this season too?

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*tosses bucket of cold water on your head*

Now u know me!!!!!!!!! *sticks out tongue*

Actually, I didn’t start watching until this season. So I think it is pretty good…but then again, I have nothing to compare it to.

You too?!?! I really wanted him to win it all actually! Though I hear he’s doing excellently for himself now on some sort of talk circuit.

Hmmm, the first season was the absolute best. It was more of wanting to get a job than a huge drama skit. I mean people cry like every episode of this season where I think one of the girls cried the first season and that was because she found out her mom had cancer or something along those lines… It just seemed like it the contestants were a lot more sincere in the first season than any of the following ones.

Plus, the guy I kind of wanted to take it all got fired today so there’s no point in watching it anymore for me from now on… Everyone else is a tool.

I actually had to get up and leave the room because I was crying. I hated myself so bad for crying over reality TV!

I emailed him from his website a few mths ago and he replied the next day! He’s a really nice guy:)

I’ve never watched it. So I guess it always blew to me. 😛

LOL. Oddly enough it’s pretty much the only “reality” show that I can stomach. I think it’s mostly because deep down inside I admire Trump. Plus the hair… I mean come on!!! That HAIR!!!

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