Helooooooo nurse!

You’re now looking (well reading) at the newest member of Gold’s Gym. I just got back from a quick tour of the place and I wound up signing up for $399 for the year which isn’t half bad now that I think about it. I used to pay $70 bucks a month when I was at the local NYSC a year or so ago, so I got in at about half the rate. The gym is pretty nice, albeit a wee bit smaller than what I am used to. However, they have everything I need (pool, weights and bikes) for the moment so I’m all set to go tomorrow for my first day on my path to well-being.

The most amusing part of the whole process was in dealing with the fitness coordinator who signed me up. As with all gym employees in charge of bringing in new people, she was a very attractive woman, however not really my cup of tea. She was roughly my height (5’9″), athletically built, blonde, blue eyes, a huge rack and not much of a booty on her. Not that I wouldn’t do anything with her if the opportunity arose of course, but in a room full of women, I wouldn’t seek her out right off the bat. I’m more into brunettes with a much healthier ass and breast size really is no matter to me. I’ve seen all sorts of boobage and I would have to honestly say, I prefer a nice full B the most. Call me a liar or call me crazy, but the last time I had a set of 38EEs slapping me in the face as my friend was riding me, it was just a wee bit too much. I really wasn’t into getting continually slapped in the face and head by a set of tits that would make most other guys I know cream their pants at first sight. For me, they just get in the way and I’d much rather worship a fine spankable ass than a huge set of naughty pillows any day. Getting back onto the subject, she was a very pretty and sweet girl and I’m sure most of the guys in there would have given their left nut to get a piece of that action.

Anyway, I immediately noticed how she had trained herself to look away every once in a while so that she would give the guy she is talking to a chance to ogle her ample breasts. I learned that little girl secret from a few stripper friends of mine back in college. Fortunately for her, I had already taken my mental snapshot and filed that bad boy away before she came up to me and introduced herself, so I really had no more reason to check them out. Anyway, like clockwork, every 30 seconds or so, she would purposefully look away and when she’d turned back to face me, I was still there looking right at her eyes which were quite lovely indeed. As time went on and she was showing me more of the gym, she would stop looking away and she became a lot more friendlier. My guess is that she realized I’m not that much of a gawker, so she saw me as a less of a threat I suppose.

So at the end of the meeting, I paid my membership fee, chatted with her a little bit more as she was preparing my access card and when it was all done, I reached out and shook her hand and thanked the lovely girl by name and bid her a good day. As I was walking out, I noticed her checking out my ass in the mirror and she saw me catch her. She turned bright red and I gave her a wink back to which she smiled at…


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now if that is not great, i dont know what is!!!!!!!! 🙂

it’s just great when a woman gets caught bc it doesnt happen to often. 😉

Excellent story.

I dig the hell out og Gold’s Gym. I’ve been going there since November and I love it. Staff is cool. Not a meat market type of thing with all the guys trying to hit on all the girls or anything.. It’s cool

Good luck on your path to well being. ( I highly reccomend taking a body flow class.)

I love this entry. Totally love it.

You think like I think.

Oh….and I am a bootylicious brunette.


Oh and the part about the mental snapshot?


Had me giggling.

At least you weren’t OBVIOUS.

I know!!! My boss gets caught all of the time ogling the waitress at the local diner and we laugh at him every single time. I’m convinved women ogle, but have a natural ability to mask it somehow to make it impervious to our senses.

Why thank you! =)

Hmmm, my gym does not have a Body Flow class. They have a Body PUmp class though? THink they are the same thing just worded differently? From what I understand, it’s a step class with you carrying dumbbells and extra weights.

Hehe… I have learned the art very very well from past girlfriends… Neat trick to know. =) I take mental snapshots like a million times per day!!! *lol*

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