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Why is it that when I fill out a survey about my ethnicity, Latino/Hispanic/Spic-ly always falls in the “Other” category and then I get a separate question asking if I am Latino/Hispanic/Spic-ly? It’s the weirdest thing, it could be:

What ethnicity are you?
* White
* Black
* Asian
* Martian
* Denobulan
* Vulcan
* Ewok
* Borg
* Other

If other, are you of Hispanic?
* Aye papi si!
* No

Why is that??

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-It never mattered to me. I still think you are
hot. as. hell.

Well there’s really no point in having a seperate catagory for them….

….everyone knows hispanics can’t read….

(Ducks incoming punch and runs away!!)


See, that’s funny, because on surveys I’ve filled out the first question is “Are you Latino or Hispanic? Y or N” and THEN they get to “well, the what do you consider yourself? W, B, I, M, O” I always want to put Other: Human, but haven’t yet… 😀

hehe, I’m glad you took that good naturedly. I knew you would. I guess I feel like dishing it out a little since we’re now in the month of the Irish jokes……

Yeah… My dumb ass knows NO goo Irish jokes though! Sucks I say! I’m always up for some great race jokes! I just alwaus suck at telling them. :-/

I see a lot of surveys that have

white (non hispanic)

Um… Do people really get confused?

omg i almost fell outta my chair!!!!!!! lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

These surveys are designed to obtain demographic information about their target audience. The Hispanic population is the largest growing in the US, and businesses, schools, and other types of organizations want to court and cater to this target market. The more specific information they can get from this group, the better they can tailor their marketing approach to obtain their business (i.e., $$$).

Think of it this way – you are special, and they want YOU (picture Uncle Sam pointing at you). LOL! 😉

Hehe… Ahhh yeah! Actually, I was reading in some article a year or so ago that Latinos are supposed to be number one minority within like the next few years or something like that… Hehe, we mul-ti-ply baby!

Yeah, something about the Pope not condoning birth control, right? 😉

*ducks along with rush2112*

Here in Miami, you’ll never find a form that puts Latino/Hispanic/Spicly in an “Other” category. You’re more likely to find:

African Black
Haitian Black
Afro-Carribbean Black
Cuban non-black, first generation
Cuban non-black, second generation
Spain Hispanic
Puerto Rican

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