Be careful what you ask for…

I hate lying. I really do… Especially when it comes to friends and lovers. I was just talking to one of my exes about lots of different things. Family, work, our social lives and oddly enough, the people we’ve each been fooling around with lately. So, as we were talking, out of the blue she asked me if she was the best I have ever been with and she knows I wouldn’t lie to her about something like that. However, I asked her if she really wanted to know the answer to that and she stated that she did. So I told her that she was not the best and she did not take it very well. Of course she was not the worst and if I were to actually “rank” her, she would be in between 2nd and 3rd place to be totally honest. However, I was honest with her and she understood more after we talked a little about everything.

She then asked me if I wanted to know, but I know I’m not her #1 as well. She seemed to have forgotten that she brought up this same topic quite a few number of times throughout our relationship and that she told me why I wasn’t her tops. Apparently, at times I can get a little too freaky for her tastes, whereas I thought I was being kind of tame with her. She was surprised I knew this, but I told her she brought up this exact topic in the past…

Anyway ladies, (or gentlemen) unless you’re prepared to hear the worst, it’s generally never a good idea to ask a question like that or the even stupider one where you ask how many people that have been with. That doozy rarely goes well. Most of the time, it’s a wee bit too many more than you’re comfortable with. To quote the wise Chris Rock, “Just be happy you’re fucking her now…”

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AMen. i concur with u 100 million percent. every guy has always asked me how many people have i slept with and i have never lied. u either take me for who i am or u dont. end of fuckin story. but being honest for some reason always got poked at, dropped, and ridiculed.

the only person that hasnt done that is my man now. he is a whore just like me. lmao. maybe that is why we love each other.

he knows i have slept with over 500 guys and i know he has slept with over 500 girls. but i know i am top 3 and he knows he is top 3 for me too.

its funny…. sometimes…i thought every time i was asked that question, do i lie and spare him and or do i tell the truth. the truth always won… i love sex. and i see nothing wrong in one nite stands. i see nothing wrong with havin an open relationship. i see nothin wrong in seein someone and sayin i just wanna fuck the shit outta that person and then doin it.

i concur…. never ask. bc sometimes what u may hear may disturb your reality, your fantasy, your hopes…

Agreed!! If you cant handle the truth.. don’t try to find it!!

What kind of narcicist asks such a question anyway?

My wife knows better.

500 guys??!?! NAICE!!!!!!

“i concur…. never ask. bc sometimes what u may hear may disturb your reality, your fantasy, your hopes…”



Actually, I think it’s her extremely low self-esteem that brought that question out… It’s real bad on her.

yeah well 500 guys.girls

when i lost my virginity i was 14. and fucked 4 guys within 2 days. 🙂 shows u i didnt get off to a slow start.

Did you start your answer with maniacal laughter? Or did you just throw a bronze medal at her?

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah! That’s what I’m talking about! Absolutely nothing wrong with a person who’s got a very healthy sexual apetite. =)

Hehe, more like the laughter Dr. Evil did in Austin Powers 1 with the group of people… =) Yeah, that’s it.

You know, if she didn’t still give fabulous head, I would have thrown in the bronze for sure… But hell, it’s nice to have a standy on them lonely nights. *lol*

i know thats right. i can respect any man that can dig that!!!

” However, I asked her if she really wanted to know the answer to that and she stated that she did.”

See, right there, you gave her the chance to punch out, and she didn’t take it. In fact, based on what you said, she should have KNOWN that the answer wasn’t going to be ‘yes’.

I don’t ask girls if I’ve got the biggest dick they’ve ever had…..because I don’t want to know the answer.

Yeah, I’ll have to admit I would never as a question because well, you’ll never know when they screwed a guy like John Holmes!

They do say, “Never ask a question you may not want the answer to”

which is why I never ask, for example, “Do I look fat in this?” I don’t really want to know.

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