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Here’s a few interesting tidbits I found today:

Samsung Creates 82-Inch TFT LCD
World of Warcraft would look sooooo sweet on this. 😉

Parents: 4th-Grade Girl To Become Boy
If this isn’t a valid case for a kid emancipating themselves from their parents, I don’t know what is. WTF is wrong with those people?!?! Imagine the psychologist bills this kid is going to have to ring up.

Mauled Man Tried to ‘Reason’ With Chimps
I’m still fucking laughing my ass off at this… BWAHAHAHAHA!

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The story about the boy/girl thing is ridiculous…..

How can you be born with the brain of a girl/boy? WTF is up with that???

I don’t know… Someone needs to look at the credentials of those medical professionals, if we can call them that. O_o o_O

Hi… i wandered in because i like the icon you used… and came across this conversation. i hope you don’t mind my random intrusion into your conversation. 🙂

i also wonder about the actual situation, however….

There are actually several medical conditions, caused during hormonal imbalances during pregnancy, that can cause some major physiological mis-wirings.

Outside of the physiological disorders like those, i also know that gender identity problems in children are recognized in the DSM-IV (which is the same book we perverts refer to when we say that we are not “sick” and that we are psychologically balanced) as actual, quantifiable and legitimate disorders. has some interesting articles on the topic.

i hope, for this child’s sake, that the parents really did do a lot of consultation with experts and testing and that this was considered the best path to allow the child to grow up with as few hang-ups as possible.

On the other hand… i wonder why they kept the child in the same school (changing schools, and starting with a new identity seems to me that it would have been less – umm – publicity worthy?) and also why the need to announce it to the papers to begin with, even “anonymously.”

Any way.. thats a random post from a random surfing on the web.


Sorry for the late response, but thanks for that info and I do not mind anyone coming to check out my little nook on the net! Much helpful indeed! =)

I’m pretty sure, the parents didn’t do much consultation simply because of the fact that they made this such a public story. I mean, it’s almost like they are trying to prove to the world that they are these wonderful parents to help their child find their true identity by doing this act. I mean, if you really did care for the well-being of the child, you’d want to keep this fairly private. Also, as you suggested, perhaps starting over in a brand new location would have also been a preferrable option as well. Who knows what this child is going to go through at his school. Is he going to get beat up more? Ostracized? What about the other kids who know about this and have a billion questions for their parents, teachers or guidance counselors?

I think this was just the wrong way to handle this in such a public fashion.

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