Cookware recommendations?

I seriously need to get some decent cookware for this place. My roommate’s not a big cooker so he’s got those pans and pots you pick up like at a Target for like 30-50 bucks a set. They’re enough for him to make like pasta or heat up a box of Rice-A-Roni but for me, they totally suck. I tried making myself a nice and rare steak the other day and it completely hosed the meat. I wound up throwing the steak out.

Anyway, I have been looking on-line for stuff and happened to come across this which was on yesterday’s QVC. I must admit that I really liked what I saw, but I have never bought anything off of QVC and number two, I’ve never heard of that brand, so I don’t want to get duped into getting this stuff if it will turn to shit three months down the road. When I was living with D, we bought a really awesome Calphalon cookware set which set us back many hundreds of bucks, but we split it and they were a dream to cook with.

So, has anyone out there ever heard of or used this line of cookware? Has anyone ever bought anything off of QVC? Should I get it or start slowly saving up for that dreamy cookware set again a few months down the road?

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Cooks Essentials is something I’ve seen for years on QVC but nowhere else. I’ve bought maybe three or four things from them in the past, and although none was cookware it’s all been as promised and reliable. Except for beauty products, but I’m pretty sure all beauty products are a big fat lie anyway so I don’t blame QVC specifically for that.

I’ve since broken the QVC habit, but I swear there was nothing so entertaining as seeing how many of some hideous porcelain ceramic had been ordered by the people we now call Red Staters.

I’m of the opinion that when it comes to things like cars & cookware—you get what you pay for.

I’d use the cheapy Target stuff until you can afford to get what it is you TRULY want.

Hmmm, yeah… I might as well just wait it out… One of my friends actually ordered one after seeing the same episode I did! *lol* She’s getting it in a few days so I’m going over to give them a looksee.

Yeah, it was a too damn overcooked filet that I just chucked… Serves me right for trying to cook it on it.

dude – there is always a way to use that.. sliced in a ginger beef broth with udon, or as pho.. or…or…

She said they work great for every use and my mom is a cooking fiend! Can’t wait for my traditional easter home made peanut butter eggs…lol

True… If I had any of that here I would have made something decent. However, all I had to use was kettle corn and asparagus. Hmmm, maybe like a rice crispie type of treat eh?? *lol*

WOAH… Peanut butter eggs?? I am thoroughly intrigued. Do they taste like peanut omlettes or something?? How are they made?

It’s like a peanut butter cup but better…lol Do they have those things where you are?
It’s peanut butter covered with chocolate. Home made ones are just way better for some reason.


I was mistaken. I thought you meant actual eggs mixed with peanut butter. *lol* Yeah, I have those peanut butter choclate candies all of the time. Reese’s right?

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No worries at all sweetie. I didn’t start this for the sole purpose of making everyone comment. Life always has this knack of making us real busy either in a good or not so good way. I will most certainly not forget about ya silly!! =)

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