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I’m fairly well known for buying great games many many months after they hit the stores and start big. Neverwinter Nights was my last purchase and I instantly became hooked on it many months after their latest expansion pack (Hordes) hit the stores. However, I am also well known for purchasing any id or Unreal game the day it hits the stores being the ravenous FPS gamer that I am. It’s an even mix if I say so myself…

My latest purchase however has me slapping myself silly for not getting it sooner and that is World of Warcraft.

Oh. My. Lords is this such an amazing game and the eye candy is just unbelievable! From the intricate details of the cities to the really breathtaking scenery as you walk from village to village, many times I find myself standing atop a mountain and just drooling at the sight in front of me. The only other online game I have played which is similar to this is Ultima Online and this completely blows that game to crap. Granted, this has a slightly higher monthly fee than UO, I have absolutely no qualms about paying it. The game play itself is great. I really love the way they set up their questing system and the way you level up seems to make a lot more sense to me (as a non RPG type of guy). Like UO, I can also do completely mundane tasks like picking up a pick and mining for ore if I feel like it. Then I can create some weapons and armor and then call up a bunch of friends and take on an adventure with those items I created. The other on-line players you run into are also incredibly friendly as well which makes is such a joy to play unlike NWN or UO when you had more of the l33t teens fucking it up for everyone else. You actually have other players casting blessings or power ups on you while you are just hanging out for the heck of it! That totally blew my mind because I was never used to it from complete strangers. The help system and map systems are top notch as well… Just find your friendly neighborhood guard and ask him where things are and blam. It appears on your map. Then there’s the transit system. Talk about your eye candy. The very first thing my buddy did when I signed on for the very first time was to get me to take a gryphon from Storm Wind to Iron Forge and I just sat there in awe watching myself fly through the lands…

Of course there’s a few minor downsides to the game. Most notably the lag during the night, but I have learned to accept it as a fact of life with games such as these. However, it’s nothing compared to the lag I always got while playing NWN, UO or UT2004 for that matter! Unfortunately, there have been times when the lag demon caused me to die at most inopportune moments. However, I must admit the death system is better than anything else I have seen so far. They did that spot on.

My only game gripe, sad to say, is with the mages in WoW. See, I prefer to play mages for the whole “I can obliterate your ass from 3 miles out” factor and of course, the fear it brings to your foes eyes. One thing you never do is piss off a high level mage I always say… Anyway, my beef with the mages is that you’re not given better weaponry in the beginning. In NWN, I was used to at least having a crossbow on me in case my spells wore out and I had to defend myself. Here, mages aren’t even allowed those weapons and you have to train to use light bladed weapons. Maybe I’ve been spoiled in other games by the fact that my mages could at least carry a better weapon than a staff at the beginning… Eh well, I can certainly live with this after witnessing what some of the higher level mages can do in the game.

All in all, as you can tell I am quite enthralled with this game and have been on every single night since this past weekend when I bought it. So, if you’re on the East Coast and happen to find yourself on the Feathermoon realm and see a very attractive level 12 Paladin named Liaresa with her ponytail up running around, don’t be a stranger and please say Hi! I’ll throw a blessing your way! =)

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I bought Mike the Neverwinter Nights Platinum edition for Christmas and he become HOOKED on it… esp since he practically begged me to buy it for him. He’s been a big time gamer since he was a teenager…. has DMed several D and D games and is a GREAT storyteller. I like D and D myself too and enjoy playing it while I can….. but its been at least three months since I last participated.

Ive been on the server Maggtheridon since beta and love it. The small amount of lag recently with some patches they have added have been a little annoying.

I have a lvl 33 Dwarf Preist (Enchanter/Tailor) and a lvl 27 Night Elf Druid (engineer/Mining) and love it. I have been playing with a group of people on there and have found it to be the BEST MMORPG out there. I’ve played them all, from UO, to DAOC, AO, AC, AC2 and eq EQ2. Nothing compares. Most people will say EQ2 looks better graphically, but all that doesn’t matter if the game is just a time sink. Friends in RL have City of Heroes and love it too, but Im not much the SuperPowerFriends kinda guy. Im all of my 12 years of playing online games I haven’t found a better satisfying combination of graphics, playability, interaction and smoothness than World of Warcraft.

Love WOW, never going anywhere else.

I started an ALT on BoneCrusher (I think) Undead Mage, might try and play Hoarde even though they’re all scum. 😉

LOL @ Hoarde statement! =)

My thoughts exactly with this game… I was thinking about trying out a Priest next actually. Are they mostly spells and light melee or full brunt smacking up some bitches type of class?

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