People don’t eat dolphins!

My boss has this real bad habit of placing bets with us over silly things at work. Like, the amount of spyware we find on users’ home computers or how fast certain backups will run and such. Nothing major is ever wagered of course, like perhaps a lunch or something insignificant. Today, on the other hand, everything got quite interesting indeed.

For some odd reason, Mahi Mahi came up in the discussion we were having and my boss pointed out the fact that it was a dolphin and that people eat it. My work mate and I looked at each other like he was crazy and I knew for a fact that Mahi Mahi was a fish and the term Mahi Mahi is one that Hawaiians coined and I think it means “dolphin,” but they really aren’t. We told him this and he swore up and down Mahi Mahi was a dolphin and we insisted that it wasn’t. I kept on stressing that Mahi Mahi is a fish and dolphins are mammals. He wanted no part of my logical reasoning…

Then the wager factor came into play and he wanted some “oomph” to the bet so he threw out a figure of 50 bucks. My work mate started to shy away at the bet because of the $$$ involved, but he looked at me and knew that I was right. So the bet was made and I immediately hit Google. 10 minutes later, my boss was handing my work mate a stack of 10s.

The lesson my boss made was to never make a bet about anything scientific with someone who watches entirely too much PBS, TLC and Discovery Channel for his own good.


6 replies on “People don’t eat dolphins!”

I thought it really was dolphin too… /duh
Don’t you just love it when you’re right?

Sounds like your boss could be a character on that sitcom “Office.” (or is it The Office?)

Hmmm, I have to admit I have never heard of it. Though, he really reminds me a lot of Kramer from Seinfeld. He’s a ton of laughs and great to get along with…

I eat dolphin, rottery style. Then I sexually abuse it’s blow-hole.

Well, there’s dolphin the fish and dolphin the mammal. They’re different. Mahi mahi is dolphin the fish.

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