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My new roomie got me into watching this show called Lost. Have any of you ever seen it? It’s a pretty cool show (though not as good as 24 IMHO) and since I started watching it I’ve been trying to figure out the higher level meaning behind the show. My roomie says there is a lot of buzz on-line about the show really dealing with a bunch of dead people stuck in limbo (or is it purgatory) since a lot of what happens during the show makes sense if you follow this logic. However, most other people discount that theory because it brings too much religion into a prime time slot and it might offend the non-Christian folks out there.

Now, being an agnostic/atheist type of mellow guy, I find no offense in such a plot for a show and I can’t really understand why anyone would. I actually commend them for doing it in such a provocative and innovative way to be honest with you. While, I may not believe in any form of organized religion, that doesn’t mean I am not interested in learning more about them and why people choose to believe in them.

If any of you watch this show, what’s your take on what’s really going on?

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I loooove this show. I got my boyfriend hooked on it. We TiVo it every Wednesday and then we watch it at our leisure. I think they are either in Limbo or trapped in some islan a la Bermuda Triangle style. I have no idea, but the show freaks me out sometimes. Once you hear the strange music you know something fucked up is going to happen. I don’t know if you know this but the one character, Locke, (the older bald guy) was paralyzed from the waist down on the plane. After the crash he was able to get up and walk again. I think that’s why people think they are in limbo, because supposedly all the bad things go away when you are in limbo, or something to that effect. My other thought was that it was a magical island that made everything go away. I can’t wait to find out the truth!

I really like this show a lot. I’ve been watching it since episode 1.

I often read the boards at and I’m not sure what I think about the plot. I would be surprised if it’s purgatory. I think a lot of people would be disappointed in the writers if that is the direction they’re going.

I do think there is obviously some sort of spirituality on the island, both good and bad. I think that all the people there are there for a reason. I also think they are tied together in some way as well.

Time will tell, I guess. At the very least, it’s still good entertainment.

Love this show. It’s like crack!

I dunno about the whole limbo thing… But I know the son… I forget his name… something is up with him. He can manifest things. I wanna know more about that!

The way this show is going and all the hype and dramatics with the fans– it worries me that whatever way they end this season or what have you will be a disappointment. It’s doing so well it seems like it won’t be able to live up to its own hype.

But, that’s just me.

Lost is probably my favorite of all the new shows this season. As far as what is really going on… I think Walt, the little black kid, is controlling the whole island with his imagination. A couple times he was reading a Spanish comic book with a polar bear in it, and WHAM, a polar bear shows up on the island.

When they showed his and Michael’s (his dad) backstory, they showed Walt with his mother and stepfather in Austalia… he was reading a book about birds, and his parents were ignoring him… then all of a sudden, the bird he was reading about slams into a sliding glass door. Freaky.

Between him and Locke, they control the island I think. The show has great writing, and I am really surprised that it has managed to keep me interested….


i could see that.. it would be a “sixth sense” kind of thing.. and people LOVED that movie…

I *love* Lost!! It’s so addictive and is right there next to 24 for me!

I don’t go with the purgatory theory…just too…dunno…weird. I don’t think it’s religious, because the writers have kinda debunked that theory. I think all the characters are tied to each other somehow and they all survived for a reason. I’m beginning to think it’s second chances but that could change next week since that’s how this show is! There’s no answers to the millions of questions which makes it that much better. With such a large cast of great characters, they spend basically a week on one person. There’s a touch of Sci/Fi in it from the “monster” and the “others” but I think there’s logical explanations, not just aliens or anything hokey like that.

I would suggest getting your hands on the previous episodes and catching up. It’s addictive and amazing! They cast it so well, it’s creepy!

Hmmm, have you ever watched “Identity” starring John Cusack? I had an idea yesterday for a really wicked thought. What if everyone on the island was the same person and everyone on it is just a figment of someone’s imagination who’s got multiple personalities? I know it’s a huge stretch, but it would also make sense on how things just appear out of thin air like other have stated. Who knows… Maybe I just need my morning orange juice.

Yeah, I can see what you mean. The first season of 24 was like that… It was really awesome up until it got very stupid and then at the end it was much better… I missed a good deal of the first season from what it seems and I thikn it’s actually a 2 season series. Hopefully before the next season starts, they’ll begin with the first one so that I can make sense of a lot of stuff.

Yeah, to me when I first started watching it, it had almost a Stpehen King quailty of storytelling that I have grown to recognize. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s something way the hell out there at the end of the series just like your typical King book.

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