You’re now looking (well, not really looking, more like reading) at the latest CPR and AED certified person to join the ranks in this fine state. Well, I’m not sure if I am fully certified, but I got trained in how to perform CPR and use those defibrillator machines you see in malls and such. It was definitely a very cool experience and I am going to look into getting officially certified at the local volunteer fire house or EMT shop down the road. We didn’t get to do the breathing part of the CPR because the lady forgot to bring antiseptic wipes, but I got the chest compressions down baby. Yay for training!

In other news, I witnessed something rather hilarious today while driving home from work. I was driving behind some woman who was really going at it yelling at her phone. She even had the whole chicken-head thing going as she was full out yelling at the top of her lungs completely disregarding the road in front of her. Of course, I slowed down my speed so as to give a good deal of space between “Ms. Oh no you didn” and my car. I’m not sure how, but the asshat didn’t see the big old cop car in front of her stopped at a red light and wouldn’t you know it…

Oh yeah and I couldn’t stop laughing my fucking ass off when I saw her rear end the cop car. It wasn’t that fast so both of the drivers were physically ok, but what a dumb ass.

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>> giggle << there is a special place reserved in Hell for that woman....

Rear-ending a cop car.

How dumb can you be!?



COngrats!!!!!!!!!! I hope u soon get a volunteer position at a firehouse. rockin.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh I wish I could have seen that Kodak moment!

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