Christening gifts?

Ok, I need some help here folks. I was invited to a christening for a work mate’s daughter and I have no clue what to give as a gift. I was thinking a check for a couple of bucks, but being the heathen that I am, I’m not sure if that’s going to insult anyone. Anyone know if money’s a good gift? Do I make it in the name of the baby or the parents being that the kid can’t really deposit a check for a few hunny.

You all ROCK!!! I’m definitely taking wyked313’s advice and getting the little lady a savings bond first thing tomorrow morning as soon as I find out ger SSN. Thanks again for the awesome advice all! =)

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a savings bond is an excellent gift.
a gift card to any baby supply place (like babyland etc)
a gift card to a clothing store, (macy’s etc)

if the child is a girl, a beautiful silver picture frame (engraved) is always a nice idea…

anything like that is nice…cash in a card works too

I work at a baby clothes store. Soooo I mean.. some people spend like $5 on a stretchie some spend alot. Generally people tend to spend around $20. If you go into a store and talk to one of the girls most of the time you can tell them how much you wanna spend and they can pick stuff out for you. Atleast I know thats how it is in my store. Then you dont really have to feel so bad about handing them a check or something.

Smart lady!
i think thats a great idea:)
No i’m not kissing up LOL

a savings bond is great its a very good idea and the parents can put it away and it wont be used but for the child 🙂 The commenter above summed it up lol *HUGS*


We didn’t do any Christening for our child so I don’t know if there is something more appropriate, BUT—one thing that would have been nice to get would have been a savings bond, or some kind of contribution to his college fun, or anything of that nature.

It seemed like everyone was only thinking of the “here and now” when he was born, and we got bags of diapers & items of clothing. It was all appreciated and all used, however, it would have been nice to have at least ONE person consider his future.

savings bond.

if you write a check to the kid, they parents might get harassed by their bank when they go to deposit it. I know we reqire accounts to be titled as the way the check is written. but a savings bond is a great gift, cos it will benefit the kid when they are older, when their parents will need it.

get the SSN from the parents and go to the bank

Nice – before even reading the edit I was thinking savings bond – money, but not for 18 years.

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