Young love

Jeez, how fucked up is it that my brother has a really good looking girlfriend? I took off of work today to recoup from the move this weekend and while I was doing my family tech support duties of patching everyone’s machines, I noticed a photo of her on my brother’s desk. I swear, she could pass for a cross between that girl from Matrix and the girl from The Practice, but just with more meat on her bones. Hehe, atta boy nabbing a hottie for his first one, though he’s set the bar pretty high when it comes to future girlfriends.

Anyway, here’s an even more fucked up story. My brother, being the young romantic that he is, sent her flowers while she’s visiting her grandma down in Florida. When he gets home from school, he checks to see if the flowers were delivered and the UPS tracking info stated that it was. So he then makes a phone call and talks to the grandma and he finds out that there is no package. As a matter of fact, she said she was sitting on the porch all morning long and nothing happened. So he’s all sorts of pissed about everything and going to call to see if anything could be done.

That’s some seriously fucked up shit no?

Welp, all is well in Florida land tonight. After my brother bitched out the Proflowers rep, she refunded him his money. THEN, no more than 30 minutes later he got a very excited call from his girlfriend who had her flowers in her bedroom. Turns out the UPS driver delivered the flowers to the wrong person and he got them back and into the right hands. So, his lady has her gift and my bro didn’t have to spend a dime on it.

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