Best sex pillow??

Has anyone ever seen or played around on these things (not exactly work safe)? I’m going to have to definitely pick up a set of these pillows for some good fun sometime soon. =)

Now all’s I need to find is a willing partner to help me test it out! *lol*

If anyone has ever played around on these, let me know if they’re as fun as they look.

7 replies on “Best sex pillow??”

looks interesting though. I could make that without having to pay the high price:)

I’ve never used one, but I saw a similar one in a sex shop (dont ask) but it was a giant ball like the kind you’d work out with.

Ever since I read my boyfriend’s Maxim I’ve been dying to get “The Liberator” not sure if it’s the same thing, didn’t click as I’m at work.

Wow, any one of those would be great! ;-P Though they’re a bit on the expensive side…

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