If I die you must protect the clan!

Yay for the Eagles losing!

Let me tell you, there’s nothing better than shutting up the bunch of obnoxious Eagles fans here at work. You wouldn’t believe how sick and tired I was of them talking their smack day-in and day-out last week about how much they are going to pound the Pats. I hate the Pats too, with a deep passion, but the one or two Pats fans here know a thing or two about having some class in being a fan. Eh well, the losing fans did not even bother looking in my direction when I walked in… Heh.

Did anyone catch American Dad after the Super Bowl yesterday? I’m not really sure how I feel about it. I typically adore anything Seth MacFarlane puts out or appears in, but I’m not too sure about this new series. To me it felt like watching a really weird version of Family Guy, but the show was trying to keep itself from looking like Family Guy. I’ll reserve judgment until I watch a few more episodes but I’ll have to admit, I love the goldfish Klaus. The only part I really laughed out loud in was the part where god was talking to Bush. I was on the floor holding my stomach in because it was so hilarious.

Did anyone have a favorite commercial? I think I found the very first Miller Lite commercial to be the funniest of the night. You know, the one where the guys were skydiving and the guy tossed out the beer and the pilot followed? Oh man, that was great!

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I enjoyed the “pilot jumps out” and then MChammer one. Id have to think what else there was. Oh yeah, loved the Honda truck commercial. I didnt know they were making one, way cool.

Have to check out the new American Dad. Love family guy.

My favorite was the comercial where the two guys are at the game and take a picture of themselves. The guy they send it to takes a picture of his apartment, his beer and his girlfriend who’s name is sharon. The buddy looks at the guy and says “I guess she’s Sharon” lol.

American Dad was awful. I should wait til I see a few more episodes before I ban it from my eyes forever. And I will cause I love McFarlane’s work. But ugh. Awful.

The series won’t actually start until the new Family Guy episodes come out in May. Looks like it will be a Seth twosome this coming Spring. =)

Hmmm, I think I missed this one. Not recalling it. Maybe it was one of the times I went into the kitchen to get more beers. *lol*

Yeah, I feel the same way. Then again, I remember thinking the same thing about the very first Family Guy. Who knows… Seth’s not one to let us down. =)

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