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Can we say “sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.”

Can anyone guess this episode?

Giles apt
Giles is reading a book as he gets a cup of something.
He and Spike bump shoulders.
Spike opens the refrigerator and gets the “kiss the librarian” cup of blood out and drinks. He becomes vamp faced as he drains the cup.

He heads back into the living room.
Anya is sleeping on the couch with a book at her side.
She tosses and turns and her neck is facing towards
Spike. Spike kneels down. Xander enters and sees a somewhat pale Anya (a light is on her face) and then Spike’s head comes up vamp faced with blood on his lips.
Xander: — —
Xander charges Spike. Spike stands and looks down at Anya. Just as Xander tackles him, Spike gets it and shakes his head
Spike: –no–
The tackle wakes up Anya. She gets up. Xander is sitting on Spike holding him with his left hand and hitting him with his right.
Giles and Olivia enter.
Anya taps Xander on the shoulder twice and Spike is pointing to her with his right hand.
Spike got hit seven times.
Anya –{{I’m ok/alright}}–
Xander sees Anya and jumps up and kisses her and hugs her.
Anya is puzzled then pleased.
Spike gets up.
Xander is still hugging Anya.
He stops, looks at Spike with a distressed expression, shrugs, and kisses Anya again.
Spike looks annoyed.
Spike –{{unreadable}}–
Olivia looks at Giles and back at the couple and she is smiling.
Giles looks annoyed.
Anya — you wanna go {{someplace}} and —
Anya does a gesture with her hands putting her finger into the fist in the other hand. She also nods slightly. Xander and Anya start to leave.
Spike looks even more annoyed.
Giles looks revolted.
Olivia looks blank or shocked.