In loving memory


So I picked up another 80gb hard drive this past weekend so that I could set up a mirrored RAID and protect my precious collection of mp3s and pr0n on my computer. I moved all of my naughty goodies onto a 120gb partition for safe keeping while I set up the 2 80 gigers in a mirrored set. So I set up the RAID, format the new volume and get into the temporary storage area to copy the goodies over when I realize something very important.

I forgot to copy over the pr0n…



Please bow your heads in a moment of silence…

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Heh… You’re telling me! Took me many a years to amass that collection of lascivious distractions. *sigh*

i would cry. i get very attached to my pr0n, esp my faves. you have my sympathies.

Thank you… Yeah, it was a rough thing to get over at first, but now I’m coping much better. =)


I have porn in my house…on DVDs and my husband watches the ones online and it’s like.. ehh, ugly girls and boys. UGLY. I mean really UGLY. Like…they came out from their mothers’ asses.

So uhh…

What’s so attractive about watching ugly people have sex?

Ahhh, alas these were not ugly people I was watching. Well, perhaps some of the guys in them were, but it was a lot of porn featuring Asia Carerra or like Tera Patrick and some with Mia Tom. Definitely some Jenna in there… I tend to stay away from ugly women porn… 😉

awww sry you lost your porno.. you will now have to think of me.. when you.. < < you know>>> 🙂

Ooooh, now that you put that tasty thought in my head, I’m afraid I have to run off now… 😉

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