Yes, I loves me some Bass ale

So, my friend Shelly was telling me how I should change my Yahoo! avatar since I shaved my head down and the one I have there does not reflect this. So, I got my web cam ready and tried to copy the pic already there which is a few years old now:

Dave a few years back

To something similar, but of course the lighting in this new place sucks and I couldn’t do an exact replica but came up with something close:

Dave yesterday

Looking at both pics, I honestly prefer the way I looked with my old haircut better. However, it was such a bitch to drive up 70 miles to my barber in my home town every two weeks for that haircut and I trust NO ONE else to touch my hair. But, I most definitely enjoy the liberating feeling I get when I shave down my head every week or so. Plus, most of my friends say I look a little meaner to them which I think is real cool being that I’m the absolute most mellow and non-confrontational guy there is in the world.

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yes, you’ve got the bouncer look going on with the shave-age. But it looks good either way.

Doesn’t your head get cold?

I loved the shaved head better:)
hmmmm if I could only say what I am thinking;)

just my opinion but I think you are quite the hottie in the second picture! 🙂

Not really to be honest. Actually, it’s a lot better in the summer because the head evaporates so easy and cools me off. In the winter it’s not half bad to be honest.

well one of my clients has a “fuck the world” tattoo on his eyelid, and we take his hair down that short and he has a gotie and he looks damn scarry but he and i talk about girly things like hand lotion. LOL so i believe you

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