They’re great. I had no idea that families talked at dinner…


Fools Rush In is on TBS now and I’m totally digging this. Mostly because I’m such a huge Salma Hayek stalker fan and she looks utterly breathtaking in that scene where she’s wearing that white dress and leaning over the stairs. Ahhh, I’m having some nice dreams tonight. Hopefully they will be more with Salma Hayek doing the snake dance type in From Dusk Till Dawn.

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Don’t forget the lollipop stripper dance in Dogma. =>

OOOOOH That right!!!! Have to admit though that the dance in From Dusk Till Dawn was much more sensual. =)

I have a question for you. I’m pretty sure you have said you are a network admin, right? Well, my spouse is of course the network admin to all of our computers at home and he said something the other day that concerns me. He noted my daily online time. He has always been pretty good about not being snoopy or wanting to know what I do online. But, again, his mentioning my online time and then saying that it is so he can monitor where the kids go online makes me suspicious. As a network admin, can you see/figure out passwords, look at emails, go to passworded websites (like livejournals), etc? Can you give me the skinny on this please? 🙂

Yes, you are most certainly correct I’m a network admin. =)

In short, to answer all of your questions. Yes, pretty much everything can be seen on your computer regardless of how safe you think you may be.

Of course depending on how good an admin he is, he may not be able to see everything you think he can. Personally, here at work, I can pretty much tell you every single place you visited, your e-mails and I can also sniff out your password and tell you what it is, including most on-line sources with the exception of any sites you visit using SSL encryption because it’s encypted on transport. However, there are programs called keyboard loggers which track the keys you type and then can reform them to create the exact words you typed including spaces and deletions and backspaces.

If he were real smart about this all, he would have everyone in the house going through a separate server (possibly linux if he really knew what he was doing) to be able to dump the proxy on and use the packet sniffer on it as well. If he’s not so “talented”, he would have these little “spy” programs installed locally on the machine you are on now. What’s your setup like at home? One or a few PCs? Separate server? Linux, Windows? Separate router/firewall?

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