Why can’t we be friends?

Riddle me this Batman.

Why do some people add themselves to their own friends lists? I’ve always wondered this. Do you get anything special or have certain features turned on when you do this?

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I’ve wondered that too… is it so they can read their own posts in their friends list? lol

I only did it because I wanted to see when someone responded to my posts. It was just easier for me to add myself than to keep going back to my recent entries and now I have everything right in front of me. You do not need anything special to do it just add yourself.:)

Ahhhh, well this is understandable and I can see why people would do that. I just save the e-mails in my account so that I could get back to any comments or replies to comments later.

I hardly ever check my non-work email during the day so this just makes it easier for me:)

-I’ve wondered the same thing myself. I never added myself.
I thought that was something that was automatic with
LiveJournal. Huh.

So you can read your own posts/comments while viewing your friends page. So you don’t ever have to go to your Recent Entries page.

That’s a good idea! I always have to check the recent entries… I think I’ll try it your way. 😉

It’s Stormer from the Misfits… yes, from the Jem cartoons. 😉

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