Dinner and a movie

One of my coolest best buds Shelly dropped by tonight for some dinner I was making and a movie. I wound up making some of the sweet chicken while we were talking about everything going on in our lives and I didn’t realize how much I missed hanging out with her until tonight! We talked about everything, work, dating, life in general and I also gave her the scoop on the big problems between me and the soon to be ex little lady. Anyway, once I got dinner all prepared, I told her to pick out the movie for the evening and she decided on X-Men 2 which I thought was an excellent choice. During the movie, the heater was making a bit too much noise for my taste, so I grabbed a log and started a fire to keep us toasty while we enjoyed the flick. Halfway through the movie we finished eating and she asked if I had dessert.

Earlier in the day I wound up getting a small cheesecake, some frozen strawberries in sauce, some whipped cream, real strawberries, Haggen Daaz strawberry ice cream and raspberry sorbet and finally some angel food cake. She opted for some Haggen Daaz with real strawberries tossed in and I fixed myself up with some angel food cake topped with whipped cream topped with the (now thawed) strawberries and sauce. While we were making out desserts, we talked about our past booty calls and stuff, which was definitely an interesting dialogue between her and I. Interestingly enough, we fooled around back in the day, so I’d be lying if the thought of it happening again did not enter my mind. However, we’re good friends now and I am not messing that up for anything by bringing it up. However, if she ever brings that options back up during a conversation, you better believe I’m jumping all over that! *lol*

Anyway, we finished watching the movie and she had some questions about the X-Men, so I gave her a small history of the story and characters and also the story line for the next X-Men movie due out sometime in the future. We chatted some more about stuff while watching the beginning of “The Wedding Singer” and then I fixed her up with some of the leftovers for her lunch tomorrow since she had to leave. After a couple of big bear hugs, we said good bye and made plans for me to visit her new place sometime soon for her to return the dinner favor. Just finished cleaning up and I’m glad I got to see her tonight. It’s amazing how a good friend, a dinner and a movie can make for an amazing day!

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Friends really do make the world go ’round. I love having ‘catch up’ days where you and a friend spend time hanging out doing regular stuff while catching up on each other’s lives. It brings me inner peace. =)

It’s amazing how a good friend, a dinner and a movie can make for an amazing day!

Her riding your face would have made the night even better 😉

i’m trying to be all “feminist” about this.. but it made me laugh.

yeah, i noticed…. I’m assuming you have some ladies reading this LJ that you’re trying to bang one day 😉

i meant that crossroads was trying to bang, ah never mind, hehe

ok so i got those message emailed to me in reverse order
i had to come make sure i didn’t hafto kick you ass!

All is well:)

Holy shit I spit my hot chocolate all over my desk when I saw this! Oh hell’s yeah you’re totaly right on that one too!

-Um, hello? Did I miss something? You and the g/f are
splitting up? I feel like an ass. Wow.

-I have to say, from an outsiders point-of-view, that I
have to wonder if she wouldn’t also be interested in something
more than friends. Sometimes it enhances what’s already there.
Sounds like you had a wonderful evening. I miss having those
kind of evenings. Either with my best guy friend, or with

I envy you.

Nah, you haven’t been left out of any loop. This is actually the very first mention of the problems we have been having and the coming steps that need to be taken. =)

More than friends as in like g/f b/f type of thing or rekindling the “benefits” part of our friendship? The first part would most likely never happen because we know each other way too well and what we’re capable of. The second part may or may not happen, but I’m not going to push that because I enjoy my friendship with her a great deal.

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