Late for dinner


I’m looking out the window and I see a huge swarm of things flying out in the distance. I looked a little closer and it’s got to be thousands upon thousands of geese all flying in one direction in dozens of large “V” shapes. I’ve never seen anything like this! Is there an earthquake coming or something? I tried to take a picture but my camera’s not powerful enough to take a picture that far without making everything blurry. Weird!

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If something bad is gonna happen make sure you let me 🙂

No it doesn’t mean an earthquake. Those were most likely Canadian Geese which migrate every winter to a southern climate, the “v” formation is just instinct. Its amazing, we get to see it all the time where I live.

Yeah, we get lots of geese passing through here every day migrating south. Usually a few dozen or so low flying guys taking a leisurely stroll south. However this day it was a weird occurence because of the sheer number of them and now that I remember, they were all flying directly north…

It definitely was an awe-inspiring sight though just seeing that many geese migrating.

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