Hot toon chicks… =)

So a bunch of friends and I over this past weekend were discussing the topic of hot cartoon females. If you ever had the chance to turn yourself into a cartoon and make it with one of the cartoon women, which one do you think would it be? For me it’s easy. Marge Simpson and a bunch of my friends agreed. Sure, she might not look like Jessica Rabbit or anything, but Marge is one kinky girl. Oddly enough most of my other friends agreed, but I would also have to say that Lois from Family Guy comes in at an extremely close second place. I’d say she’s much kinkier than Marge and she has no problems posing for Peter in a very suggestive way and even inserting herself into a nice hot video.

Of course the most obvious choice was Jessica Rabbit, but I mean come on. Her idea of getting off is playing patty cake!! Jeez… So here’s a small list we came up with of female cartoon characters. Now, if given the choice, who would you want to get freaky with? Mind you this lst is really small because this is all I could think of this very instant. =)

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