Movable Journal in 2005?


I can’t ever say I saw this coming down the pike.

Six Apart to buy Live Journal.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Once MovableType changed their service, I couldn’t leave fast enough to WordPress for my personal blog. Now, SixApart (makers of Movable Type in case some did not know this) plans to acquire LiveJournal. In a way, it’s pretty exciting and I hope they fix a lot of the problems I have seen here. Plus, I hope they can take care of my biggest gripe with LJ, the fact that a user who is not a friend must be considered anonymous when commenting. I would love for, at the very least, their web address could be made visible. I would also love for a track back feature as well. On top of that, a better templating system that produces valid XHTML code as well as valid CSS code would be nifty too.

What I’m wondering most about is what they are going to do with all of those people with free accounts. Could they be borked in favor of making LJ a pay only journal? 6A is in need of some major cash with everyone they’re hiring there and the big promises they made to their investors.

Only time will tell.

Found via Photo Matt with much more interesting info here.

2 replies on “Movable Journal in 2005?”

Interesting read. Thanks for posting that.

Hmm..I wonder if they booted the freebie blogs, would a year’s subscription be cheaper?

Hmmm. I’m not sure. They might actually raise them or lower them to match TextPad’s services… Not sure how much that runs.

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