Allez cuisine!

So Al and I finally got together yesterday for lunch and finalized our recipes for the New Year’s pseudo-dinner party. Here’s what we came up with:

-Cheese/Cold cuts/Crackers platter
-Cantaloupe and Proscuitto
-Salmon crackers
-Pesto-cream cheese spirals
-Mozzarella tomato skewers
-Roasted Potato slices with Romesco Sauce
-Chicken sates with spicy peanut sauce
-Cucumber rounds with humus and yogurt
-Seared tuna with tropical salsa
-Caper shrimp phyllo tarts
-Lox on bagel crisps
-Chutney turkey bruschetta

-Spanish sweet chicken
-Pad Thai
-Beef massaman
-Spanish shrimp
-Chicken katsu with tonkatsu sauce
-Tuna sushi
-Vietnamese spring rolls

-Crepes with orange sauce
-Crepes with Nutella and hazelnut
-Hazelnut covered chocolate truffles
-Assorted chocolates
-Some type of fruit plate thingy

Shit… That’s a lot of fucking food. *lol*

However, like the mighty Iron Chefs in their Kitchen Stadium, so too will Al and I concoct these dishes for our guests in a most hurried fashion (roughly 4 hours time). =)

I will definitely post photos (most likely a bunch of drunken ones) the next day after I get out of work.


I have to go in New Years Day.

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-Wow. I’m impressed. If I lived closer, I would offer
to help. I *heart* cooking. Would you invite me if I
lived closer?

-I also want to ask about some of the menu items, as
I am unfamiliar with some of them.

What is:
~Beef massaman
~Spanish Sweet Chicken
~Chicken Tonkatsu

Oh that sounds sooo good!

Drunk pictures? I can’t wait!!!

Ahhh, okies:

Beef Massaman = Massaman is a type of Thai curry. So that’ll be a sort of beef tips in a curry sauce.

Chicken Tonkatsu = This I actually mistyped. It should be Chicken Katsu with Tonkatsu sauce. Essentially it’s a breaded filet of chicken with a sweet reddish sauce.

Spanish Sweet Chicken = Actually, I’m just guessing with that one. My g/f made up the recipe and she calls it sweet chicken. It’s pretty much chicken in a very very very very sweet brown sauce. I just added the Spanish for the allure… =)

Hehe, thanks! Yeah, I haven’t participate din too many drunk pictures since I left college. *lol* Figured I needed some more.

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