There can be only one

I had a weird dream last night which I have had in the past in a slightly different form. I was at a dinner party in a very large venue, along the lines of a Presidential Ball type of thing. Then all of a sudden, everyone turns into zombies and I get all Duncan (or Connor depending on who your preference is) MacLeod like and produce a nice long sword from my suit somehow. Then I wind up getting all sorts of Highlander on everyone and heads start littering the floor. It doesn’t stop and the zombies keep on coming after me and one by one, their heads leave their bodies just as I feel the sharp pain of a sword going through my abdomen. I look down and then I wake up.

Weird huh? It’s a fairly recurring dream but usually a little bit different each time. Though I’m always taking heads in the situation I am placed in. What do you all think this means?

In other news, how completely hilarious is this?? Personally, I see no problems with this. Parents are way way way too easy on their kids today, I can definitely respect someone who can act like a real parent and not fear their kids like many do today. That’s why it’s called tough love and it’s not practiced nearly as much as it should.

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Gah, I hate dreams like that. Did you move in slow motion in it? That is sooooo frustrating.

Hmmm, actually the slow motion thing would have been a cool effect but my brain’s not innovative like that. Everything happened in real time. =)

Do guys always dream about being superheroes or someone with superhuman powers?! Must be all those video games. 😉

LOL about the presents on Ebay!

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