Merrrry Xmas!

Ahhh, thank the jeebus for open Indian restaurants on Christmas night. Just got back from the ‘rents place after exchanging some gifts and I was starving! Nothing was opened except for the Chinese restaurant down the road but I just wasn’t in the mood for it. So I drove a little farther and the Indian place we frequent was opened so I stopped in and picked myself up a Lamb Biryani (lamb chunks in rice) to chow down here. The little lady is away at her gramma’s taking care of Xmas business and I’m here watching Cops and finally going through everyone’s LJs.

This year I pretty much got everything I wanted and that was either the good ol’ green stuff or gift certificates for Men’s Warehouse. I managed to snag enough to get myself a few suits, some extra shorts and some ties so I’m as happy as a clam. The little lady actually went there and picked out a few lovely dress shirts and matching ties so that’s even better.

Hope everyone else’s holidays went as well as it could have!

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Sounds like you had a pretty good Christmas. Gift certificates are always the best cause then you can get exactly what you want 😉

Aaah, relaxing and watching “Cops” on Christmas…sounds good!

You had a great christmas…I did to, I got exactly what ever shoe ho wants…SHOES..LOL I finally got my pair of Ugg boots!! YAY ME..and from my kids…I was so like WOW…

Christmas was ok this year…family even behaved a bit…
not to much drama…

Exactly. I’ve always wondered why there was such a negativity about receiving them. GC’s are almost always the perfect gift to give someone who’s hard to shop for.

Merry Xmas to my favorite geek! I hope things are going well there…I’m just now coming up for air here. Are things ok with you? I emailed you a while ago and never heard anything back, I just figured you were busy. Hope this finds you well, talk to you soon!

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