My buddy just gave me a ring and postponed our hang out for this fine chilly day. Her mom and son have been real sick over the last week and she just wants to take it easy and take care of them today. I told her it wasn’t a big problem at all and that when the time came for her to get pierced, I’d be more than happy to tag along and be there for support. So no boobies for me today. Well, no stranger’s boobies for me today… ;^)

I was telling one of my friends about this and she always thinks I am crazy for meeting my on-line friends all of the time in real life. She always thinks I am going to meet these psycho people who would kidnap me and kill me or something. I have never really had a problem with meeting people on-line and I think it stems from my time at Rutgers. Back in 1993, when we first got used to this new fangled “e-mail” thing, we also found the “talk” feature within the UNIX system. Once we all got more familiarized in finding out how to look for people online using the “who” and “finger” commands, a new way of communication was born. Essentially, we found an on-line chatting system where a ton of people started meeting each other across campuses and eventually the world. Anyway, with that little bit of history aside, it was always very common to see students chatting with others across the campuses of the university and even more common to befriend people this way. I met a good 75% of my college friends via the “chat” feature of the UNIX system, so it’s no big deal for me to AIM with someone and meet them up the same day or something like that. I guess it’s what I became accustomed to. Heck, I’d love to personally hang out with everyone on my buddy list and that’s actually one of the little things I am going to start to work on for the coming years.

My friend is relatively new to this way of communication, so of course she’s much more wary of meeting people via this method than the typical way. I don’t knock her on it because well, the net can be a scary place to meet others and you sort of need to take baby steps. I can clearly remember meeting my first on-line buddy at school in person for the first time and it was fairly scary. But after those first few awkward minutes of taking in the new situation, things went on as if we knew each other for years. 11 years later, we’re still great friends who try to hang out with each other as much as possible. WOW, 11 years! Damn…

So, what are your feelings with regards to meeting your on-line friends in real life? Something you regularly do, something you would like to do, something that freaks you out or something you could never do? I’d be interested in what you all think of this topic.

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I have never met any of my online friends. Not that I would be adverse to the idea, it just never happened.

If I’m counting correctly, I’ve met 5 people in real life that I met online. I met my husband online, but that’s a long story.

I’ve met a couple of people from online and with the experiences I had I could not advise anyone to do it. Good to hear that yours has been much better though. 🙂

A lot of my IRL friends I met online first. I met one of my best friends online about 3.5 years ago and I’m really glad I did. I do think it can be freaky meeting for the first time. We met at a public place and I was very hesitant, but it all worked out and I actually always forget that we initially met online. It’s like we’ve been friends since childhood, lol. I know many people who have met their spouses online too 🙂

oh, btw – so sorry you didn’t get to see the stranger’s boobies today 😀

I have done it a few times and I am not afraid to do it again. 🙂 I met one of my best friends online (she lives here at the same base I do) and another soul sister who lives in Spain! I have met a few freaks by way of the net, too, though… it doesn’t scare me! I’d do it again if I could get more people to step outside their boxes. 😉

I’ve gone to different states to meet online friends. My best friend and I flew to Atlanta once and drove up to Conn. another time. The problem is that most of the people I actually end up talking to online do end up to be freaks…I just have the freak magnet enbedded in me I suppose! But, I have had really good friends from online before. It’s just common now…not as “scary”.

I’ve met a handful of people! is one of the first ppl I ever met on the internet back in 1997 and she’s one of my bestest friends to this day… When me and Vinny lived in Maryland we hung out regularly too. I <3 her. I’ve had good and bad experiences. It’s just like real life. Some people are cool, some people are freaks. I’ve met three ppl off my friends list, all of them were very cool! No freaks on my friends list, heheh.

I’ve met 2 of my ex boyfriends (both ended up being disasters, so I won’t do THAT ever again…) online, as well as 2 of the best girl friends I’ve ever had 🙂 Plan on meeting three more next summer 🙂 Hey, I’m meeting YOU, aren’t I? 😉

Hey, I remember the “talk” feature on UNIX! Whoa! There are very few people I know nowadays who ever knew about “talk” and the command prompt. Did you ever do IRC? Muds? (God, I feel like a geek.)

Back then I met three people IRL (that I remember) after getting to know them through “talk.” All three were computer nerds, and only one turned out to be somewhat normal.

Only recently have I (re?)discovered chat rooms and IM-ing, but I don’t spend much time chatting online. I think I prefer not to meet any of my online friends because I tend to talk about very personal things online that I would never share with my RL friends.

Hehe, yeah… I hear a bunch of stories my friends tell of their bad experiences, but like you said. It’s like real life, you get the good with the bad. =)


I got one better. Were you ever on those “Coffee Houses”? The precursor to chat rooms?? I was on those all of the time. I never quite got into the whole IRC thing though those coffee houses were close enough. Muds I could never get into as well, though I have TONS of friends who pulled all nighters on MUDs thoughout my freshman year.

Ive met a lot of people online. I used to run http://www.ssabbs.com (down right now for a bit) a local Bulletin Board System like 15 years ago. Esh, Im dating myself. Anyways, I met most of my friends online – it was a unique way of getting to know someone without any looks or sounds, no chance of being prejudice. No emotion either.

I have met a few Ex GFs online, or I should say they found me. I think I only have met 2 people online (female) who were just near-psychotic, but thats a story for another day, perhaps.

I think its good, but for those ppl meeting people for romantic reasons online – ask for 3 photos, email with them for a good long time, then phone, then if comfortable, go for it.

I’m pretty wary if someone I don’t know sends me a Yahoo IM… but as far as my lj friends go, I’d love to meet all of them and hang out. It’s a little awkward at first but once we get beyond that, like you said, it’s a great time.

I have to have established some type of connection to the person. And as far as guys I have to have chatted with them for a long time and feel truly comfortable. Chicks, I’ll meet them whenever.

OMG, are we dating ourselves by talking about this stuff? What have I got to lose now, right? Yes, I’ll admit I did the “coffee house” thing too. 😛

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